Healthy Holiday Entertaining Tips Part 1-Crackers

cocktail partyHoliday Eating Tips to Stay On Track
The holiday season has arrived. It is filled with joy and love and and lots of eating. The holidays are here, and this is a time when we get together with families and friends to celebrate.

This doesn’t mean, however, that all of your “clean” eating needs to go out the window. In the next several newsletters, I am going to share some of my favorite recipes, whether I am entertaining,
or eating out with family and friends.

Remember,get togethers are to celebrate community. Whether you are the hostess or a guest, you can have food on hand that everyone can enjoy so that you can stay true to your new “healthy” guidelines.

This edition is going to be all about crackers and chips that are healthier choices.
Let’s start with the obvious, A platter of veggies is always great, crunchy and they make a great vessel for dips or almond cream cheese coming up in my next newsletter.

veggie platter
But in addition to health veggies, I have learned to make my own crackers. All of the rest of my selections below are Holiday treats. They are still often simple carbs, so these are not to be indulged on daily or in lieu of your beautiful veggies.



These are 3 of my favorite recipes. They are not hard to make, and they are very delicious.These are particularly yummy For photos, click on the links below.…/…/25/rosemary-raisin-crisps/

Paleo Graham Crackers

salt and pepper crackers

And there is a new healthy cracker on the market. They have flax, so I can’t eat these, but they are quite delightful and they are available on Thrive Market.simple mills…

Simple Mills makes several flavors, and I am told they are all delicious.

Finally, I want to share that there is a “clean” tortilla chip on the market. Its easy to make guacamole and serve it up with these, and no one will feel deprived.…/…/ref=sr_1_1_a_it…

THey also make Lime and Nacho flavors. Another time, but check out their tortillas, which are also grain free

.tortilla chips


We don’t indulge often, but when we do, these are a cleaner version of potato chips, made with coconut oil, GMO verified. The red are not always available, but they are my favorite. The other flavors are also clean and yummy.…potato chips

Gluten Free GMO verified pretzels…/B01G…/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage…
Quinn Snacks Non-GMO and Gluten Free Reinventing Pretzels, Classic Sea Salt, 7 Ounce


Finally, clean popcorn. You can buy this on Amazon. You can get popped kernels to pop yourself.
My family and friends love this flavor.…/…/ref=sr_1_17_s_it…

quinn popcorn

In my next blog post, we will discuss healthy dips and home made Cheeze to serve with the great crackers and chips above.

If you want an accountability coach, to keep you on track through holiday eating and holiday stress, sign up today for your free “tell me your story” session, and we can strategize together from there.

Let’s have fun this holiday season!

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