Make Christmas breakfast yummy, healthy and fun


Ok, its not exactly breakfast with Santa, but this is all about the wonderful, healthy meal that you can feed your family on special  mornings.

Eating clean does not mean being deprived.  Below you will find some of my favorites for a special breakfast.  None of them are terribly time consuming, so you get to wow your family and still not be a slave to the kitchen.

Two of the recipes below call for bacon.  I eat Paleo, and so we do eat bacon, but not just any bacon.  We eat Applegate ORGANIC bacon which is about as clean a bacon as you can find.  I understand Petersons is also very good.  But you need to make sure that  what you use is organic and that it isn’t loaded with chemicals, and then you can relax and let your family enjoy this treat.

Make sure you add color to your plate.  Fresh fruit or frozen berries make the perfect addition to any of these offerings, and remember, eating the colors of the rainbow is also a gift you give to your family.

The first recipe is from Danielle Walker, one of my favorite cookbook writers and it is her baked eggs with hollandaise recipe.  I used to go through all kinds of craziness making a good hollandiase.  This one is so easy, you will make it time and time again.  Although I am sensitive to dairy (one of my kryptonite foods) I can use ghee, which is grass fed butter that has been clarified, which means that all of its milk solids have been removed.  So the casine and the whey are gone, and therefore it no longer bothers me.  This dish is visually stunning and unbelievably delicious.  Click on the photo for the recipe.danielle walker baked eggs with hollendaise

For a super healthy muffin, these sweet potato breakfast muffins punch fiber and wonderful nutrition into every bite.  They also hold well for the mornings after Christmas, if there are any left by then.  *smile*
Click on the photo for the recipe
sweet potato breakfast muffins

Want a fabulous granola, thats got no refined sugar, and is not too sweet, but still sensational?  Try Nom Nom Palos tropical paleo granola.  You would make this a day ahead, but it is well worth the effort.


Also from Nom Nom Paleo, my favorite scone recipe.  I make these in a variety of ways, so don’t be afraid to be inventive once you have the basic recipe down.  I use Enjoy Life chocolate morsels, 69% chocolate and soy free.  The dried cherries add just the right amount of sweetness.  Sometimes I also add cranberries for a little touch of tart.  And if you add pecans or walnuts, all the better.  Again I use ghee as my oil.
chocolate cherry scones
And finally, egg muffins (no not the kind you would get from McDonalds, these are loaded with wonderful nutrients that will nourish the body.  They are fast and easy to make, and again, these hold over well for a breakfast on the run the next day.  Remember to use Applegate organic bacon.

egg muffins


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Merry Merry everyone. I hope your holiday is filled with joy and laughter.
Big hugs Cheryl

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