This summer, be the star in your own life.


The latest edition of RHG Magazine just went live. RHG is the network that hosts my podcast on Voice My show is currently running second on this network, and plays in 80 different countries. Part of my episodes talk about something that is important that I have learned on my own healing journey away from the pain of chronic illness. The other 1/2 of my shows interview others who also got sick, owned it, made the necessary lifestyle changes to return to relative wellness. As your Health Muse, I do these shows to give you hope that no matter where you are today with your health, this is not where your journey needs to end. Become the star in your life, change, and return to wellness.
This edition of the magazine is all about being a star in your own life. My article is on page 25 and includes tips to make yourself # 1 in all aspects of health. All of the hosts on our channel want to inspire you to take care of YOU and to live your best life. Rebecca Hall Gruyter wants to encourage each of us to be our best selves. Our articles and our podcasts are to inspire you to be all that you can be.
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This summer, allow yourself to be poured into and supported, and then turn around and share the gift of you with others.
This is my article published in this magazine

This summer, be the star in your own life.

As the star in your own life, treat yourself as the special person that you are.

Prioritize You time


Self-care time

needs to be planned, not something at just happens. It’s an active choice, and it needs to take priority.  Plan your self-care and announce it to others to increase your commitment to that activity.


Create a “no” list

with the things you know you do not like or that you no longer want to do. It could be various activities, from checking emails before bed to attending functions that you no longer wish to attend.


Eating well is self-care

Promote a nutritious, healthy diet of all the vegetables and fruits of the rainbow to eat like the star that you are.  As the star of your life, eating organic healthy, toxin-free food is good for your body, mood, brain, energy, hair and skin, and telomeres.


Get seven continuous hours of sleep at night,

which gives you maximum energy and keeps your brain healthy. It also keeps dementia at bay.


Exercise often

which is good for your emotional and physical health. It increases serotonin levels, leading to improved mood and energy.  Choose a form of exercise that you enjoy.

Now that we are not as isolated, keeping up with checkups and visits to the dentist and the doctor are crucial to our long-term well being.


Use relaxation exercises or practice meditation

It could be as simple as bouncing next to your chair twice a day to move energy throughout your body or spending 15 minutes to clear your mind.  I could include 3 minutes with a belly button wand to reset your parasympathetic nervous system or doing a 3-minute exercise like the Dr. Weil 4-7-8 breathing exercise.  These moments also lower your stress.

Make and cherish alone time

this is a special time when you distance yourself from the noise of the world so that you can hear your own thoughts. (Oprah)Take at least 15 minutes a week for outdoor time.

It could be a walk around the block or time in the park or outdoors in your backyard cutting flowers.  Being in nature raises your spirits and grounds you to the earth.


Practice gratitude- now and future

Every morning write down three things that you are grateful for.  Then write down gratitude for three things that have not happened yet, as if they have already occurred.  This practice sets your day off on a positive note and keeps you focused on what you want to manifest in the future.


Celebrate your victories every morning-

write down your accomplishments, big and small and give yourself credit for what you have achieved.


Spend enough time with loved ones.


Find opportunities to laugh!


As we begin to integrate back into society, as a star, the principle of “3 degrees of separation” should be considered.  Recognize that you influence people within 3 degrees of separation and vice versa.

We are most influenced by those in our circle that are within 3 degrees of separation. As we come out of isolation, you have an opportunity to choose who you want back in your circle as they will be the people who influence you the most in your lifestyle habits and vice versa.

These people influence happiness, health, mental health and activities, everything we do or say ripples out to our friends, our friend’s friends, and our friend’ friend’s friends.

Happiness and health are no longer an individual matter anymore. “As happy people cluster together, a flourishing community is formed. And flourishing could grow to a larger loop of people at the community level, where individual wellbeing or happiness would be able to be achieved and maximized.”[i]

“We have enormous potential to weave the fabric of our community, to make our community feel happier, healthier and more flourishing for everyone, and to direct the flow of nutrients, joy, love, wisdom, meaning and empowerment to nourish everyone within the community.”[ii]  As a star, you have direct influence.



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