Taking care of your health is self-love

How do you love yourself?
Do you take the time for self-care?
Do you keep healthy fruits and vegetables that are organic in your kitchen, ready to go into amazing meals that will fuel your body?
Do you think you are worthy of eating organic, sans, all the toxins and chemicals that are sprayed on our food.
Are you special enough to deserve home cooked meals that you take the time to make.
Do you carve out a little bit of “alone” time for yourself, to just breathe, release stress, be mindful and quiet, to reset during your day.
Do you move your body? Take a walk, stretch in yoga, be in nature? You need movement and you need flexibility. They are as important as the food that you eat.
Are you getting enough water to hydrate your body? Is it filtered? Have you thrown away all the plastic water bottles? Are you using stainless or glass?
Do you make enough time for quality sleep?
Are you letting your joy out? Being authentic. Pursuing your goals and not anyone else’s?
Did you ask yourself this morning, “How do you feel?” and “What do you need from me?” Have you put a plan into place to give you whatever you need to feel your best?”
Health is balance. And I am convinced that health begins with self-love. Do anything you can to feel great, and to enjoy your body and your life. Then you can take care of everybody else. But first, you need to take care of you.
If you are coming up with excuses as to why you can’t do these things for your body, you need to reexamine your life. Nothing is more important than taking care of you. And love doesn’t make excuses. Organic food is NOT too expensive. You can find the TIME to cook. You enjoy when you MOVE your body so it is a priority. You stop and do breathing exercises several times a day.
Stop coming up with all the reasons why these things can not be in place, and Just Do Them. Love yourself enough to make them important.
Loving yourself is the beginning of everything.
It’s why you take care of yourself with healthy habits.
It’s why it’s not a BOTHER to shop organic and to cook.
It’s why its affordable for you to buy only quality ingredients.
It’s why you stop, breathe, and take care of your stress twice a day.
It’s why you get to bed in time to get 7 1/2 hours of quality sleep.
It’s why you make alone time for yourself.
It’s why you get out into nature to bring your mind and soul back to balance by your deep appreciation of nature
It’s why you practice gratitude. You love yourself, you love your life, and you recognize all the wondrous things in your life that you love and verbalize it.
It’s why you drink filtered water and drink 1/2 your body weight.
It’s why you own your health and don’t accept “no you can’t get well” for an answer.
It’s why you continue to look for answers when you are told there aren’t any.
Its why when people tell you you can’t achieve that, you go ahead and accomplish the impossible.
It’s why you have confidence and are fearless to do what you are here to do.
It’s why you have gotten out of your way to be great.
It’s why you have healthy relationships in your life. Loving yourself shows others how to love you.
It all begins with you loving you. You are important to you. You make the time for you. You show up in all your glorious color.
Think about it. What can you do today to show yourself love? By loving you, you gain all your power to be who you are and want to be.

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