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I want to share Marine’s blog


I am honored that Marine Yanikian-Sutton wanted to share that I have played a small role in her life. Marine is a cancer survivor.  To be able to touch another’s life is really why I became a health coach and what it is all about for me.
Marine’s beautiful endorsement in her blog this week reinforces why I am doing the work I have chosen to do.
Please take a look at all of Marine’s blogs on her site when you are there. She is a beautiful soul and transparent about her journey with cancer. I am proud of her for sharing her light and her darkness. Darkness only remains dark when we bury it deep inside and don’t allow the crack to let the light shine in.  To connect with each other, it is important for us to openly share the good, the bad, and the ugly, and then to give each other hope and love.  It takes immense bravery to do that.  Marine shows that bravery on a continual basis.

Anyone struggling with cancer will find strength from reading about Marine’s journey. I am honored to now call her a friend. She is my hero, and will always be Wonder Woman to me. In honor of my dear friend Gayle Bernard, who passed from cancer, I am proud to have been able to be there, for even a brief moment, for Marine.


She honors me and my book in her latest blog “The People, Places, and Practices Necessary to Feel Good.”

Although I wrote my book to help others with inflammation and autoimmune disease, I have given two talks now to cancer survivors at Arcadia Methodist Hospital.  Purging toxins is important for all of us.  Whether we struggle with inflammation, cancer, or any other health condition, eliminating toxins will help create a healthier body, family, and world.  That’s what my book is all about.  Please share, and pass the word.  We need to become “An Army of one” and start to vote with our dollars to clean up our lives and our world.

To read my 10 tips for cancer survivors click here.

10 Tips for Cancer Survivors

Thank you, Marine, for reminding me why I have chosen to do this work. You have touched my heart.   Much love to all.

 cheryl color
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My book, It Feels Good to Feel Good is the handbook that I wish I had had when I got sick.  It can help you eliminate toxins from all aspects of your life.  I share what to remove, what I replaced it with, and how to research a different product if mine isn’t right for you.

My book will open your eyes as to why we rank 37th in the world in health and how this burden is the real problem with our health care system.

It will encourage you to “own” your own health.  My book is loaded with ideas to take control of your health and your families health.

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