The Truth About Pet Cancer


Our beloved Pets. Their health is also being destroyed by all the toxins in our lives. I have had pets my entire life. I grew up with dogs, and then as an adult, with my busy life and traveling, I have had cats. I love them all, They have enriched my life, they have given me tons of love, they have been dear friends.

I lost 3 cats to disease just in the last year. All 3 of my sweet fur babies passed away. It broke my heart.

A little orange guy, like the one in the photo, was the last to pass. If Beeper could have been attached to me he would have. He slept on my head; he supervised my work all day long, he was always on my lap at night when we relaxed either reading or watching tv.

I miss them all. They were an important part of my life. There is a little hole in my heart that they once filled. And to lose them boom, boom, boom, wow, the pain.

My previous group of furbabies died at 18 and 21. I got them in 1980 and they lived a good long life. The 3 that passed in the last year were not as lucky. I lost one at 13, one at 15 and 1 at 16.

What was the difference? I fed both sets of my kitties the exact same food, but what had changed?

The chemicals that started being sprayed on our crops started mid 90’s. These toxins had the same effect on our pets that they are having on our children and on ourselves. They are causing disease.

It is also the toxins on our upholstery, in our air, in our carpeting, on the grass when we walk our dogs, in our water. The toxins are everywhere and our animals are diseased because of it. We are diseased because of it.

Ty Bollinger who brought us the amazing film documentary “The Truth About Cancer” has now done another documentary about “The Truth About Pet Cancer” and you can watch for free starting April 4. To sign up, click here:
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Tell me, have you had a similar experience. I am still reeling from my loss. My heart is heavy. I feel terrible that it was probably because of what I was feeding them. What can I do differently next time so that I don’t shorten their lifespan and lose them before their time?

Have you lost your sweet dogs and cats at a younger age? Share with me below. I want to hear your story.,

xo Cheryl

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