What Not to Eat

what not to eat

I got back my health after getting autoimmune disease when I adopted a new way of eating that is certainly not the SAD, standard American diet. I learned to eat food that is Nutritious, Delicious and I eliminate anything remotely Suspicious.

If I am unsure how healthy something is, I vote with caution. This means I cook most of my own food. When I go out to eat, I call ahead and make sure the restaurant can accommodate me. (I have a list of what I will not eat on a business card with my photo that I give to the waiter when I arrive).(photo so the waiter remembers who gave him the card)

I often bring my own food to meetings or to parties, and even to dinner at a friend or relative’s house. (I gave cookbooks of food I will eat to relatives, which also helps)

Now I have 18 food sensitivities, which I avoid like the plague, but the way that I eat would absolutely benefit everyone.

Today’s article on Dr. Mark Hyman’s post is what Food to avoid. This is a great list. Dr. Hyman is one of the key functional MD’s that I follow, and he has wisdom with everything that he writes.

I highly recommend that you all follow this.


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