18 Tips for Cancer Survivors


  1. Eat Raw Vegetables

The body needs to be alkaline and the easiest way to do that is to eat vegetables from all of the colors of the rainbow.  At least 50% of them should be raw. Even better if you can make your way up to 80% raw. Otto Warburg won a Nobel Price for discovering the connection between oxygen and cancer.  Cancer thrives in an anaerobic environment.  Cancer cells cannot live in an aerobic environment.  How do we create an aerobic environment?  Eat lots of raw vegetables, preferably local, preferably organic, and feed your cells an oxygen rich diet.

  1. Eat all the colors of the rainbow

Each color of the rainbow has a gift to give to the body.  The best colors to eat for cancer are red, yellow and orange, But the colors need to work together, so eat them all through out the week. And eat them organic so that you aren’t getting a healthy dose of chemicals with them.


I recommend that my clients eat all the colors at some point during the day.  It can be as simple as eating onions and mushrooms with your eggs for breakfast At lunch, a salad with tomatoes, orange bell pepper, cucumber and lemon juice in the dressing, and then lots of different greens.  Dinner would be purple cabbage salad and berries for dessert.  I have the hardest time including the aquamarine colors from sea vegetables but see if you could eat those once a week because they too are loaded with goodness.  Eating all the colors of the rainbow from a farm as close as possible to you (or frozen).  This way you get maximum phytonutrients.

  1. Your body needs a full house of enzymes to thrive.

“Enzymes are tiny protein catalysts that create complex chemical reactions in the cells of our bodies.”[i]  They help us attack viruses, bacteria and cancer cells.  “Dr. Edward Howell, enzyme pioneer, states that enzymes make all life possible.”[ii]  Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup which is sprayed on conventional crops and GMO crops, kills enzymes.  There are no enzymes in processed or fast foods.  You need raw veggies.  You should also use enzyme supplements.  Use a supplement that includes

Increased Amylase for carb digestion

Increased Protease for protein digestion

https://live-live.com/products/digestion-enzymes?variant=5976292932 is a full enzyme supplement at a moderate price of $28.95

  1. Avoid caffeine and increase your Magnesium intake.

Caffeine blocks Magnesium.  Our soils where we grow food have become deficient in magnesium.  (and all minerals) Magnesium is essential for 325 enzyme reactions in the body.  It plays a major role in detoxification and is important for minimizing damage for environmental toxins, heavy toxic metals and other toxins.  You need a good Magnesium supplement.  My doctor just recommended OptiMagNeuro because it penetrates the blood brain barrier.  I also use Suzie Cohen’s Script Essentials Magnesium, which is Magnesium Malate, and which I also recommend. Suzie Cohens Magnesium is fabulous for keeping your pipes unclogged.  I often use both.  I also recommend an Epsom salt bath every night.  Adds magnesium to your body and helps you sleep.

  1. Get your Vitamin D level checked.

The Vitamin D added to milk is synthetic D 2, and is not used well by the body.  You probably need Vitamin D3; deficiency is a cause of cancer. I take a D3 with K2.

  1. Avoid Milk.

Milk is an acidifying protein, so the body sacrifices the bones by pulling out the calcium in the bones by neutralizing the acid to save the kidneys.  Pasteurization increases the acid level.  If you want to still drink milk, the most nutritious milk is whole raw milk from grass fed cows.  It is not as risky as once thought and has many benefits over conventional pasteurized milk.  If it is organic grass fed cow milk, it also has avoided most of the hormones, antibiotics and pesticides/herbicides that are in factory cow milk.

  1. Avoid Sugar and most Alternative Natural Sweeteners.

Sugar and artificial sweeteners are linked to cancer.  For sweet, I recommend brown rice sugar, stevia, real honey preferable from a local source, and maple syrup.  Stay away from diet soft drinks and regular soft drinks.  There is no food value and they do your body harm.

  1. Stay away from processed foods and fast foods.

They are loaded with synthetic ingredients and have no food value. They have zero enzymes, so the body has to steal enzymes from other areas of the body to process them.  The chemicals are actually doing your body harm.  Real food can help heal you.  Eat lots of vegies, include all colors, buy local and organic and make sure 50% of what you eat is raw..

9.  Exercise

Your body heals 8 times faster with exercise.[iii]  Exercise floods the body with oxygen and flushes out toxins through the lymphatic system.  Lymph surrounds every cell but has no heart to clear out the debris, which is why the body needs exercise.  Without exercise, the tissues suffocate because the acidic waste is stagnated.

  1. Unclog your pipes

Yep, I am talking about poop.  Your goal is to go 3 times a day.  Otherwise it gets stuck on your intestinal walls and prevents maximum nutrient absorption.  Note my comments about magnesium above.  I take Magnesium every morning and every night.  It keeps me very regular.

11. Detox

In addition to your regular exercise, (in class, Tao, Yoga, weight training, aerobics, resistance, stretching) the best way for the lymph system to flush out toxins is to rebound.  I love to rebound.  You can jump or even sit on the rebounder and just bounce, but it will make a difference in how your lymph system can support you.  Tao exercise is also a great way to get the lymph system to drain.  Also consider the belly button wand.

Alternative detoxing procedures:

  1. Massage
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Saunas
  4. Steam baths
  5. Epson salt baths add baking soda and lavender essential oil (not synthetic)
  6. Dry brushing

12.  Raise your core body temperature.

Epsom salt baths at night, light exercise consistently to start to sweat, infrared sauna, warming foods.

13.  Follow my 12 steps to healthy living.

14.  Start to lower your toxic load by eliminating toxins in all aspects of your life

The rest of your food, your oils, canned goods, etc., your cosmetics, your over the counter drugs, your water (no more plastic water bottles.  Add a filter to your kitchen sink and drink that water in stainless steel bottles), your kitchen, what you cook on, your utensils and how you store your food, your cleaning supplies.  Each toxic item that you trade out for something lower toxin reduces your toxic load and takes you one step closer to health.

15.  Do stress releasing exercises often through out the day. I list several in my book, It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great Again.  Start with the Dr. Andrew Weil 4-7-8 breathing exercise which you can look up on YouTube and do along with him.

16.  Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

A new study from University of California at Berkeley believes that 7 hours of sleep is even more important to health than releasing chronic stress throughout the day.

17. Learn how to breathe properly

Start with the Dr. Andrew Weil 4-7-8 breathing exercise which has all kinds of positive impact on the body.  Then read and implement my blog about Breath.  We no longer breathe properly to the determent of our health.  A new book Breath by James Nestor explains why deep breathing is so important.

18.  Get back into nature.

Go outside and walk regularly.  Go forest bath as often as possible.  There are chemicals in the forest that the trees emit that are not only good for the trees, but are also healing for people with cancer and other illnesses.  When you are outdoors use all your senses.  Hear the sounds, see what is around you and get out of your head and focus in, feel the textures around you, whether you take your shoes off for a moment and practice “grounding” or whether you feel the texture of a tree trunk, smell the herbs and flowers in the area.  Use your time outdoors to take a break from your busy life and reconnect with the wonders of nature.


Many of these suggestions are from Kris Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, which I highly recommend.  Skirt!; 1st edition (August 1, 2007)

Breath by James Nester

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