Pre-vaccination Protocol for Children to Protect their Immunity- Tips from a Leading Functional Pediatrician

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My concern is our children.  Since our children are returning to school and since the new variant of Covid-19 is taking no prisioners, I am always looking for ways for us to protect our children and keep them safe.

As a Health Coach I am not a medical professional and only recommend lifestyle and diet changes to protect yourselves from long term illness. I know that these work, since I have my own autoimmune disease under control and have gone from diabetes to prediabetes from changing my diet and lifestyle, and am headed towards no longer being diabetic at all. I no longer have pain from my autoimmune disease.
I just listened to 2 presentations by Elsa Song, MD a functional integrative MD who is a pediatrician in the Bay Area. These are Dr. Song’s recommendations to utilize before vaccination.
  1. Whether you decide to get the vaccine is a conversation you should have with your own child’s MD. If you do decide to vaccinate your child, these are steps that you should take that will protect your child.
  2. For 1 week prior to vaccination, cut significantly back on sugar.  Sugar reduces the immunity effect. We know that sugar has an adverse response on the body, so this is especially good advice.
  3. For 1 week before the vaccination, feed your child 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. I believe they should be organic so that you are not getting a toxic dose of herbicides and pesticides with your fruits and veggies.
  4. Stay away from processed foods. Your child needs phytonutrients, and the best way to get those is from real food. Make sure that you are including Omega 3 fats into their diet.
  5. Ensure that your child gets 7 continuous hours of sleep for at least 7 nights before the vaccination.
  6. Make sure that your child is getting moderate exercise. Get them outdoors so that they can run around and play. If its too hot mid-day, get them outside in the mornings.
  7. Teach your child breathing exercises. I use the Dr. Andrew Weil 4-7-8 breathing exercise and do 4 rounds of this exercise. Takes about 3 minutes. They should be doing this at least 2 times a day. This resets the parasympathetic nervous system and releases their stress. Helping them keep their stress under control will serve them well throughout their lives.
  8. Teach them some simple meditation and mindful exercises. Do them with them. You can look up simple exercises on You Tube and follow along.
  9. Help your child with methylation support. Check with your MD, and make sure it is ok to add folate, B12 and CQ10 supplementation along with glutathione and vitamin D3 to their daily routine. The vitamin D should not come from milk which is D2 and is synthetic.  Vitamin D2 is a good source if   you are vegan, but D3 is more bioavailable.
  10. Have your pediatrician check your child’s magnesium and vitamin D levels.  We need magnesium to utliize our vitamin D.  Get the child outside to play on a regular basis to bask in the sunlight.
Now Dr. Song was talking about pre-vaccination, but all of these things are foundational for a healthy immune system for the entire family by Functional Medicine protocols. Adopt as many of these as possible on a daily basis to ensure a healthy child with better learning capabilities. These steps are important to your child’s health with or without the vaccination.
These things will help your child rebalance. They will help your child build up their natural immune system.
The best way to keep your child safe is to be vaccinated yourself so that you do not pass the virus onto your child.
I have done 4 podcasts about children’s health. Over 50% of our children struggle with a chronic condition, and I want to be part of the change for all us to adopt healthier habits to give our children a better start in life. You can find my podcasts here: You can also find more healthy tips on my website
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