The importance of eating in season

This is what is in Season in August. If possible, but it local at a farmers market. We are so lucky to have the fabulous market in Pasadena up by Pasadena high school on Saturday mornings.


Why is it important to buy in season?

  1. More nutrition in the item. Phytonutrients begin to fade the minute they are picked. If bought local and in season it has its maximum nutrients available. Once they have been harvested, they begin to lose their nutritional value.
  2. When stored for a long duration, the produce loses its antioxidants and other gifts. Researchers found that spinach and green beans lost about two-thirds of their vitamin-c content within seven days of harvest. The phytonutrients support our bodies better.
  3. Just picked has improved taste and quality, it will be sweeter and naturally ripe. 
  4.  You are reducing your carbon footprint because the produce didn’t travel far to get to you.
  5. Just picked has improved taste and quality, it will be sweeter and naturally ripe.
  6. You are reducing your carbon footprint because the produce didn’t travel far to get to you.
  7. The item in season is in abundance, and supply and demand allows it to be at its best price.
  8. You get to know your farmer and to talk to him about growing practices.
  9. You can often find additional colors that the fruit or the vegetable is available in. Purple, yellow and green cauliflower, multi color radishes, purple and yellow and red potatoes, golden and purple raspberries, purple, yellow, orange and green tomatoes. Each new color adds different phytonutrients to your diet which is great for your health.
  10. You get a greater connection to your community and support local vendors.
  11. Eating with the cycles of nature produces balance.
  12. Pesticides, waxes, and preservatives do not need to be utilized to keep the produce looking fresh. These chemicals create havoc with your health.
  13. Seasonal vegetables and fruits meet the needs of the season. More vitamin C in winter product which supports the body to fend off colds and winter flues, more warm and nourishing soups from fall and winter vegetables, more sun protection from the antioxidants in summer fruits, and more sweetness for energy for summer fun.
  14. You avoid foreign contaminants. We don’t always know what pesticides or additives have been used on important fruits and vegetables.
Buying local and in season is a more enjoyable way to shop for your food. Since we aren’t foraging for ourselves, or growing our own crops, its gets us closer to the earth and is the next best thing.
And as you get more and more into health, this is a great way to meet others and have a community of like minded people
I just found another functional nutritionist that I am following, who like the other functional medical people I follow, wants you to eat real food, to eat the rainbow and eat all the colors as close together as possible because this way there is a synergy created that creates health in your body. His phrase is that you should eat the Jonny Bowden Four Food Groups, real food that you can hunt, fish, gather or pluck. Stop with the processed and fast food already, real food that will do your body good.  I also am a huge advocate of Dr. Deanna Minich’s work on the importance of eating the rainbow.

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