Ditch Your Diet -Cut the Crap (Carbonated, Refined, Artificial, Processed) New October 2021 Class

Ditch Your Diet



 I joined this course thinking I would know most of what Cheryl would be teaching.

                     BOY WAS I WRONG

This course is much more than learning how to detox from sugar .

I learned how certain fruits and vegetables play a vital role in our health.

I can state first hand that once I started paying attention to what I was eating I felt better.

My acid reflux /gerd went away and I’m sleeping much better.

I’m no longer a skeptic about the merits of eating organic once Cheryl explained the negative elements going into our bodies that are used in many farms. 

As someone who doesn’t cook I have started trying some of Cheryl’s delicious recipes. They are delicious, easy to prepare and most importantly healthy. 

This is the first time that I have detoxed from sugar and truly don’t have any urges to go eat an Entenmann’s crumb cake.

I would recommend everyone one to sign up for this course in January. The information received is priceless.

Thank you Cheryl for sharing your knowledge to help us all stay healthy.

Robin C.



I’m not talking about the lose-weight variety although those diets are probably bad for you too.

I’m talking about the Standard American Diet – acronym SAD (for a reason)

What IS the SAD diet?  Fake food, processed foods, fast foods, processed frozen foods, and restaurant food that isn’t farm to table.  (It comes in little baggies, gets zapped and arranged on your plate,)

The SAD diet is loaded with sugar, salt, chemicals with names you can’t recognize or know what they are.  They do not promote health in your body.  You need real food.


Want to know why?

The SAD diet Can Cause…..

  • Weight
  • Obesity
  • Your hormones that regulate hunger to stop functioning
  • Your happiness hormones to go dormant
  • Your immune system to no longer protect you
  • Leaky gut
  • Fatty Liver disease, which is the #1 cause of heart disease (more than smoking cigarettes.)
  • High blood pressure
  • Triglycerides
  • Small particle LDL cholesterol ( the bad kind of cholesterol)
  • Cancer
  •  Diabetes
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Dementia
  • Aging (shortens telomeres)
  • Skin (sugar causes wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, eczema)


You are probably wondering, “Ok Cheryl.  What the heck do I do instead???!!!  This is all I’ve ever known to be right.”

I’m GLAD you asked!!

The GLAD diet is designed to help you eat for HEALTH.  Inside and Out.

I’m talking better skin.

Better mood

Losing weight without even trying.

Reducing inflammation and joint pain.

Better Brain Function.

Healthy hormone function.

And best of all, your body starts to celebrate because it starts to feel good, and it feels good to FEEL good!!


If you continue eating the Standard American Diet…..you’ll get Standard American Diseases (like autoimmune diseases, heart disease, diabetes and cancer) and frankly set yourself up to die the Standard American Death.


Talk about SAD.  How SAD is that?

Want to discover step #1?

Easy.  Ditch the sugar and ditch the chemicals in processed and fast food.

I’ll show you how withOUT feeling like you’re missing out.

I know you have tried a bazillion diets.

I understand how many times you have tried different approaches to this and failed.  Me too.

Talk about frustration.

But its NOT YOUR fault.  None of us were taught how dangerous sugar and processed food chemicals are, or that they interfere with our hunger and happiness hormones.

Imagine a better solution to what you have been doing your entire life.

I have found a better way, and I want to show it to you.  And it works in 4 weeks or less.

To adopt healthy habits and change your eating, it all starts with sugar.  Processed food and fast food is loaded with sugar.  And chemicals…….

First we break the addiction.

Sugar is a poison that is addictive, and you need to break that addiction to HEAL YOUR PAIN or

to LOSE WEIGHT.  This is  also important if you just want to upgrade your health.

It’s not about willpower.   It never was……..

It’s an addiction

It messes with the hormones that regulate your appetite. It impacts your mood and your brain.

Changing your diet is not about “will power.” Sugar and these chemicals become  “won’t power.” No wonder you couldn’t win before…….

I get it.  Your problem is not you. You never stood a chance. You are addicted to sugar and to these chemicals.   And big FOOD did it on purpose,  Dieting is BIG BUSINESS and BIG FOOD, BIG PHARM and BIG CHEMICAL don’t want you to win.

There are large amounts of hidden sugars in processed foods and fast food, which call your name and the addiction makes it practically impossible to stay the course.


Ditching the CRAP

is the first step to get your health back. You get to choose. Are you going to feed your body health? Or are you going to feed your body sickness?


We all think of sugar as this little white harmless granule but the truth is sugar does a lot more than you think as it impacts our bodies.

  • Sugar suppresses our immune system
  • It contributed to weight gain and obesity
  • It increases fatty liver disease, triglycerides, and high blood pressure.  It raises harmful cholesterol.
  • It impacts our insulin and contributes significantly to diabetes and heart disease
  • It causes migraines and headaches
  • It contributes to hyperactivity, anxiety, depression and  creates concentration difficulties
  • It shortens our teleomeres and causes premature aging
  • It probably feeds cancer
  • It mucks with our hormones, including our feel good hormones and our appetite hormones
  • it causes tooth decay
  • Its addictive

Chemicals in processed and fast food:

  • MSG which is a neurotoxin and add no food value to the food.
  • They are also addictive.
  • They lack nutritional value and are empty calories
  • They have unhealthy levels of added sugar, sodium and fat.
  • They are full of artificial ingredients. There are about 5,000 substances that are untested.  That includes additives to change color, texture, flavor and odor as well as ingredients like preservatives and sweeteners.
  • They are chemically altered artificial flavors, additives and other ingredients
  • They are quicker to digest.


This is a 4-week plan to get you over the addiction, and we will all do it together.  This plan breaks the addiction.  This plan provides support.

What clients had to say about the April and June 2021 Sugar Detox


Take a moment to read these.  People who took my first two classes all shared that they didn’t think it was going to work.  Nothing would break their addiction to these foods.  They wouldn’t be able to sustain it.  But they all have come back to share that THIS WORKS, and no one is more surprised than they are.  It will work for you too.

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I will show you step by step how to win.  Discover how to break free from sugar, processed food and other crap withOUT feeling that you are missing out, craving or wanting what you can’t have.

The fun reality is that once you detox, it doesn’t mean you can’t have treats again.  It means that what you eat still tastes yummy, but it will look a little bit different than it did before. And you won’t want as much.

Being intentional about what you put into your body is the first step YOU can take to reduce the stress your environment is putting on your body and your health.

The course will be taught via zoom and with a private Facebook group that has been set up for support and questions.

I will hold regular office hours.

Afraid you might miss a class?  There will be a drop box with the power point slides and replays of the videos of the classes and other back up materials.





For more information, go to my store.  I share week by week what you will learn and how you will win.



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