I was honored to be a speaker in the Summer Health Festival. This is a great way to get to know me.


 . I want to inspire healthier habits so that you FEEL GREAT.
This is a segment from a Summer Health Summit that I participated in a few weeks ago. It shares a lot about me in 30 short minutes. You will feel my passion and learn quite a bit about who I am and why I am so passionate to help others return to wellness.
There is a free gift offered in the segment. Make sure to write down the link. It will take you to another video where I make portable jar salads which I take with me when I am out and about. There is also a chapter from my book on the Blue Zones, which is a National Geographic project that is studying the healthiest people who live the longest without disease in the world, and I share my conversion chart, Use This Not That, which I use to trade out unhealthy ingredients in recipes for healthier choices. I use my Use This list for everything when I look up any recipe on line so that we eat healthy in my house.

My 2 classes Ditch the SAD and Stop Eating Crap and Food Quality Matters gives you all the tools to break your cravings for this food. I run them quarterly.

To get more information on my two courses

Other ways to learn with me.

My books are available on Amazon Combined they have won 24 awards.

My podcasts are available in audio on apple, spotify and anchor. I am in the process of moving the videos to YouTube.

And I do individual one on one coaching. Your first zoom call is complementary, I need to “hear” your story. Then, if you decide I am right for you and vice versa, you set your health goals, I hold you accountable and together we find the puzzle pieces that have been elusive to you. I encourage you every step of the way. And since I have lived through feeling lousy and dis-ease, I have tons to tips to share.

You hold the power over your own health. Its never too late to adopt healthy habits and change the trajectory of your future health.

I want to change the way America eats. And I would love to help you.

My motto is
Eat yourself happy and healthy.
Only eat food that loves you back.
It doesn’t take long before that is the food your body loves as well.
Eat for your future health.

Once you break the addiction to all the sugar and chemicals, you don’t want that icky grey food, you want this brightly colored spectacular organic rainbow food. Your body will crave nutrients instead of harmful chemicals. Never count calories or points again. Count chemicals.

And you are worth it. Eat for your future health. Its perfect for you today, and you will thank yourself when you get to tomorrow.

I lost 65 pounds this way, and I want to show you how to break the hold that processed foods have on you. You can do it, and it takes less long than you would think.

Check out my website and blog at cherylmhealthmuse.com
Join my on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cheryl.meyer3/ and join my private group Feeling Good Living Low Toxin.
Write to me via message above and lets set up a time to chat. No charge, no obligation. One of the ways I help people discover health should be perfect for you. I really want you to win.
It Feels Good to Feel Good. Stop feeling lousy and decide to do something about it.

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