Change your lifestyle, change your life, adopt healthier habits one habit at a time

Ten years ago, I was the little old lady from Pasadena. (Close, I lived next door). I was 65 pounds heavier, and everything in my body hurt. I was eating on the run, and eating fast and processed food. It was difficult for me to move.
I woke up one morning in extreme pain. I was sick. Very sick. And it got my attention.
Over the course of the next 5 years, I eliminated dozens of toxins, and completely changed how I ate. I reversed the pain of my autoimmune disease. My moods evened out, I was a happier girl, and I was more fun to be around.
Nothing about my life then is the same today. My entire world turned upside down, but all in a very good way and today I have a fabulous life.
I took on the power of WONDER WOMAN. Why? Her two nemesis’s were Dr. Poison and the Duke of Deception. 10 years later, I am still fighting the same two nemesis’s with my health muse work.
And today, at 73, I feel like I could take on the world just like Wonder Woman.
I wish I had her lariat to make Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Chemical tell the truth.
I wish I had her magic shield to protect others from the lies and deceptions that the Big Three above tells in advertising.
I wish my crown could be thrown to knock them all off their game.
What I do have instead is the passion to share what I have learned in my journey back to wellness and hopefully to inspire all of you to practice the ultimate self care and clean up how you eat and the rest of your lifestyle habits that will put you eventually exactly where I was 10 years ago.
My mission is to change how each of you eats, one person at a time, so that you have health in your future and not dis-ease.
I have actually gone on stage, as ridiculous as it is, as Wonder Woman to get everyones attention, that we all need to be Armies of One, and join together to stop buying all the CRAP the BIG Three are selling us, to protect our bodies, the bodies of our families and our future health. If showing up as Wonder Woman gets your attention, and inspires you to healthier habits, then looking silly is worth every moment.
I am going to post the pillars of health once again so that you have the list to work with. Make the commitment today. I talk food a lot because I believe it is foundational to good health, and with 83% of us metabolically unhealthy its something each of us controls that can change the trajectory of our health.
You hold the power over your own health. Its never too late to adopt healthy habits and change your own future.
I want to change the way America eats. And I would love to help you.
My motto is
Eat yourself happy and healthy.
Only eat food that loves you back.
It doesn’t take long before that is the food your body loves as well.
Eat for your future health.
Once you break the addiction to all the sugar and chemicals, you don’t want that icky grey food, you want this brightly colored spectacular organic rainbow food. Your body will crave nutrients instead of harmful chemicals. Never count calories or points again. If you MUST count something, count chemicals.
And you are worth it. Eat for your future health. Its perfect for you today, and you will thank yourself when you get to tomorrow.
And work on the rest of the pillars of health in your own life. Lower your toxic load. Learn to breathe and do stress exercises. Get 7 hours of continuous sleep, or as close to that as you can. Get into nature and harness its healing qualities. Be in community with other like minded people who love and support you. Move.
Your future self will be happy for the healthier habits you begin to adopt starting today. You won’t believe how good it feels to feel good. (You will look back and think about how lousy you USED to feel.)
And know if you need help doing this, I am here. I may not have Wonder Woman’s tools of the trade, but I will listen to you, and help you accomplish healthier habits.

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