What program do I recommend for Detoxing?

One of the questions I get asked all the time is what product do I recommend for detoxing the body.
You probably won’t be surprised with my answer. To detox, stop eating processed and fast food and convert to eating the rainbow, organic with clean protein.
The body is an amazing thing. It is build to naturally detox itself. So start there.
Now after you consistently eat a real food diet, and have eliminated the chemicals sprayed on factory farmed crops, and eliminated factory farmed animals in your diet, and eliminated all the GMO foods on the market, you might discover that you DO need a deeper cleansing. If you get tested and have heavy toxic metals, or mold, or parasites, or if you need help to be bad bugs in your gut out and more of the good gut bacteria in, then there are products to help your body do the heavy lifting.
First though, eliminate the rest of the toxins in your life. I changed every product I was using. I researched and traded out my personal care products, my cleaning products, everything to a lower toxin item. No sense in trying to detox if more chemicals are constantly on their way into the body via your lungs and nose, your skin, your mouth (GMOs and herbicides and pesticides as well as all those ingredients you can’t pronounce and don’t know what they are.) It took me 5 years, but every toxic item that I dialed down the poison by switching out was a step closer to health.
All this work needs to be done before you take on a heavier detox. So much of this you can support your own body to do, you have the power. It takes commitment, but its so so worth it.
If you want to know where I researched, what I found, what products I eliminated and what new products I use, that is the subject of my first book It Feels Good to Feel Good, which is available on Amazon (and has won 17 awards).
If you want to know how to ditch the standard American diet and stop it already with the processed and fast foods that are putting poisons into your body and no supporting your health, thats what my first class is all about. Its how I eat, and it is sustainable once your body gets to vote and you keep at it.
The bottom line is you have the power to create health in your body. and it is so so worth it. It does FEEL GOOD TO FEEL GOOD.
If you need any help making this happen, this is what I do, its the life I live, and its how I have returned my body to balance and how I am now pain free.
But make the commitment to take care of you and implement these steps. Doing these things to support your bodies own detox mechanism is so worth it, and its the highest form of self care.

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