How to Find Your Soulmate- Marry Yourself First

For those of you who want to find the right guy in your life, start here.

I follow SARK and have shared how her book Succulent Wild Woman, Dancing with Your Wonderful Self changed my life.
I had gotten divorced at 30, and although I would have told you I was open for the right guy to come into my life, I lived in fear of being hurt again, deeply, so subconsciously, I think I blocked any possibility for the right guy to enter my life.
A girlfriend and I read SARKS book, and each morning when we got up, we looked in the mirror and declared, You are beautiful, succulent, ripe and juicy.
The words seemed ridiculous at first, but as we did it each morning, and then called each other to share this is how we felt, we began to love ourselves more.

Self love shows others how to love you.


When I read that SARK married herself first, wrote why she was marrying herself, and promised to never leave, the fear began to evaporate and my heart began to reopen.
What had seemed silly at first, became words I heard in my head instead of the fear.
Finding John didn’t happen right off the bat, I had a long term less perfect relationship first, one where I tried to fit into his life instead of him fitting into mine.
I had not yet made my non-negotiable list of what I wanted in a man. And in order to deserve my non-negotiable list, I had to love myself first.
SARK got married last October to her soul mate. Her blog this morning was about all the mini marriages that they are celebrating since that day. They keep getting married to declare their love. I personally love that.
This is what she wrote about marrying herself years before….
“And speaking of new paradigms, you might know that we each married ourselves years before we met. I had written about doing this in my book Succulent Wild Woman, and have inspired others to do the same. David had married himself also, without having read my book or knowing that I taught about that. We both believe that it is our commitment to self-love that has allowed our relationship to flourish so abundantly.”
So, if you want to find your soulmate, start with marrying yourself first.

Today is a beautiful day for a wedding, don’t you think?


Love is truly what life is all about. Start with loving you.

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