What Not to Eat

I got back my health after getting autoimmune disease when I adopted a new way of eating that is certainly not the SAD, standard American diet. I learned to eat food that is Nutritious, Delicious and I eliminate anything remotely Suspicious. If I am unsure how healthy something is, I vote with caution. This means … Continue reading What Not to Eat


QUALITY OF LIFE MATTERS What if you could listen to 21 experts who would share tips to improve your life post cancer. Starting February 15, you can for FREE. Sign up now.  This information could significantly improve the quality of your life. To get FREE access to this world-wide event, go to www.telesummit.erinley.com  Join 21 experts in … Continue reading CALLING ALL CANCER SURVIVORS AND THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS

Let em go

THis is a blog that I wrote for Wellness Universe.  I am a proud member and you should follow them for great information for everything regarding wellness.   THE BIG TAKEAWAYS ON TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS Staying in a toxic relationship makes the stress continual, whether it’s a toxic love relationship, a toxic friendship or a toxic … Continue reading Let em go