Buy my book, It Feels Good to Feel Good, directly from me. Bonus offers are still in play.


My book, It Feels Good to Feel Good is out on Amazon now for 2 weeks, and it is already a life-changing experience for me.

One of my heroines, Suzy Cohen, seen above,  is a functional practitioner and pharmacist.  Suzy has one of the most informative blogs that I follow. Suzy has been instrumental in raising new thinking on a variety of issues that have given me new directions in my own wellness journey.

I sent her a couple of chapters where I quoted her before I published, and she has been amazingly supportive. She wrote an endorsement for the back of my book, which was amazing unto its self.

Suzy sent me these two photos of herself last night, and as you can see, she is reading my book. I am honored that she is impressed. Wowsie. I feel like that old commercial for those old enough to remember, “Mikie Likes It”. What a thrill this is for me.

It is not too late to buy the book directly from me.

cover paperback

I use many of Suzy’s products and I love them. There are so many supplements available on the market, you need to buy them from a source you trust, and I trust Suzy.

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