Introducing The Golden Broccoli Award for Excellence in Health

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Introducing the Golden Broccoli Award for Excellence in Health by Cheryl M Health Muse.

I am introducing a new newsletter to introduce you to products, restaurants and places to buy healthy food.  Since I eat around 18 food sensitivities, and my husband swears I am a toxic alarm for any toxin in a 50 mile radius, finding places and products that I can use deserves a big callout for everyone. These are clean, clean, clean or I couldn’t use them.  They are so worthy of your attention and will get you one step closer to removing items that contribute to your toxic load.

I would love to hear from you what areas you want to “clean up” and I will honor products that I use and endorse that everyone can benefit from in those areas.  These are not “paid” endorsements. These are products that have earned my respect and that I think will earn yours.

All of the winners will be on my website for future reference.

This weeks award winners are Keys-soaps and Aeirloom Cafe.

Keys-Soaps Skin Care

A brilliant skin care company that deserves your attention.
Our skin is our largest organ and a place to be very cognizant of toxic load.

The company was started out of necessity when Wendy Steele got skin cancer, and suddenly all products irritated her skin- psoriasis, eczema etc ). Her life partner, Bob Root, and she were former high powered executives and decided to create their own skin line that Wendy could use. The result:  their products are amazing, and they are all a “1” on the EWG scale. I use their skin cream, their eye cream, and then expanded to their shampoo, their facial wash, and their body wash. I also use their skin cream as my sun block since it has an SPF of 30.

My scalp had been itchy for more than 25 years. Who’d of thunk that I was sensitive to the ingredients in my shampoo? Now that I research, I know that shampoos are loaded with chemicals. Key’s products are clean.

THese products cost a fraction of the skin and hair care products that I was using for years, and that were slowly poisoning me.

Check out how super clean Keys-Soaps products are here:

Most recently they have introduced products to take the place of anything in your medicine cabinet that has petroleum in it. They are fantastic. I recently added their bug repellant, which repells insects and even soothes a bite that catches you unaware.

They have also developed an amazing line for dogs….chemical free.

The best thing about Key’s is you can also order samples on their website for a nominal fee and see if they work for you. More kudos for them!!!

Aeirloom Bakery

A wonderful cafe in Toluca Lake with delicious food that would satisfy any Paleo or Vegan foodie.
10550 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake, CA 91602  (818) 754-1955
This restaurant is a find for breakfast or lunch.  This owner does everything right.  From organic to free-run, grass-fed, grass-finished, beef or bison, to gluten free options, and a lovely vegan offering, anyone looking for a place to eat delicious “clean” food will enjoy the wide variety of foods available here, and they are all delicious. Cappacinos, juices and more,I am a happy camper to relax and enjoy the food here.  Round it off with excellent coffee,

I drive out of my way to visit this gem whenever I am in the Valley.  Inside and outside seating.  Parking is a little tricky but always seems to be available within a 1/2 block radius.

The people are charming too.  Let the owner know that Cheryl M Health Muse sent you.  *smile*,



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My book, It Feels Good to Feel Good is the handbook that I wish I had had when I got sick.  It can help you eliminate toxins from all aspects of your life.  I share what to remove, what I replaced it with, and how to research a different product if mine isn’t right for you.

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Removing these toxins will improve the quality of your life and your health. Buy it today.

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