Profit and Loss- The key to Sustainable weight loss is great health.




Profit and Loss? 

What in the world am I talking about?  I am not a CPA, an Accountant or a broker, and I am not running a major corporation.

The profit and loss I am talking about are both a positive result of leading a “clean” life.

The profit is in eating healthy and living toxin-free.

The loss is the weight that automatically is released once the body begins to function optimally.

Since I began health coaching, people seek me out and the first thing they ask is what diet do I recommend?

People are astonished when I tell them I don’t recommend that they ever diet…..ever.  No matter what their weight is, diets are a thing of the past.

I recognize what an issue weight is for many people.  It has been my nemesis since I was a child.

I have tried many of the Best Seller diets that have hit the New York Times bestseller list, and each of them seemed to work for a short time, and then cha bing cha bang, the weight was back with a few extra pounds tossed in for good measure.

I tried Weight Watchers with the same result, original weight loss and then it all came zipping back.

Same result with Jenny Craig.

I have tried the liquid fasts, like Medifast or Optifast.  Fast weight loss, which was not even remotely sustainable.

I even purchased Nutrisystem.  Now, I believe that Nutrisystem could work, but only because in my opinion, the food is vile.  Aarrgghh.  And its all chemicals…..

In fact, none of the diets above brought me sustainable weight loss.

You can diet with tons of rules eating the Mediterranean diet, you can diet eating chocolate, you can diet eating ketogenic, you can diet eating high protein, you can diet eating low carb, you can diet eliminating sugar, but not paying attention to the other toxins in your life.  In other words, there are hundreds of ways to “diet”, but do they bring you weight loss that is sustainable?  Many of these are not “poor” choices but have rules and the focus is on weight loss, not complete health gain, and you can not get one without the other.

In fact, at IIN we studied over 100 dietary theories.  They were complicated, and it would be unlikely that I would have found a lot of success following any of them for any length of time even if I could have remembered all of the fine details in the first place.  Following these diets had me thinking about food all of the time.

Aarrgghh, I don’t want to think about food 24/7.  I want to live my life.

And I want you to put your thinking about calories to the side. It probably never worked for you anyway.  This is a complete paradigm shift in thinking.

With my “plan” below you are never counting calories, you are not exercising just to burn calories, you are eating healthy fat, you are eating a completely healthy diet to feed your body nutrients, and every day you are getting closer to your ultimate health which includes your desired weight.  WIN!

But think about this a moment.  This perspective is totally different.  Eat to live, don’t live to eat.  Eat beautiful nutrients every bite.  Move.  The rest will take care of itself.

I am often asked, “Paleo or Vegan?”

In all honesty, the only difference between the two is that one is plant based and the other allows clean meat.  That is a personal choice.  Either way, your plate should consist of 70% beautiful organic vegetables and fruits, and I recommend that ½ of them are raw.

Now you are on track to eating a healthy diet.  Now you are no longer “feeding” on the toxins that made you heavy and that harm your body.  Now you are on a sustainable path to a healthy future.

The bottom line is that I believe in redefining that entire process.  Focus on Health gain.  (Profit)  Do NOT worry about weight loss.  (Loss)  (this was a hard lesson for me, so I want you to stop and think about that for a moment.

Strive to be healthy and weight-loss becomes your bonus.

The more you follow the principals that I outlined in It Feels Good To Feel Good with a complete focus on health, your body will release the weight.  That is one of the big bonuses.  It also creates an internal environment to quell disease.

The rules are simple.  Program yourself to eat this way for the rest of your life. Eliminate all of the chemicals in your diet and your world.

  • Focus on eating organic, at least avoid the dirty dozen, but eat organic whenever possible. (this eliminates GMO’s as well)
  • Focus on eating real food, not processed or fast food.
  • Eat all the colors of the rainbow, and eat food that is as local as possible
  • Focus on eating high quality “pastured” eggs
  • Focus on eating clean meat and/ or organic soy
  • Eliminate sugar
  • Eat gluten free
  • Focus on eating “healthy” fats
    • coconut oil (preferably virgin unrefined)
    • olive oil (with some reservations, but for this purpose, use Californian, since we know it IS olive oil. California regulates what is sold as olive oil. Check my book for other possibilities)
    • ghee, which tastes like butter and which I love
    • avocado oil
    • grapeseed oil
    • brown rice oil.

Stay far away from the rest.

  • Eat high fiber foods
    • beans (not allowed on Paleo, but in some quantity, good for you)
    • nuts
    • seeds
    • coconut
    • berries
    • pears
    • apples
    • avocados
    • artichokes
    • peas
    • okra
    • acorn squash
    • Brussel sprouts.
  • Cook- This way YOU control what goes into your mouth
  • Focus on drinking 70 ounces of filtered water with lemon juice.
  • Buy a filter and drink the water that is filtered from your kitchen.
  • Buy a stainless steel water bottle and fill it with your filtered water. Plastic water bottles cost a fortune; have toxins in the water, leak toxins from the plastic.  I a stainless steel water bottle that fits perfectly in my cup holder in my car, and another much larger one to do refills.
  • Avoid PBAs in canned goods
  • Avoid plastic as much as possible. Plastic leaks chemicals that do harm to your body
  • Avoid chemicals in all foods, whether they are in your soft drinks, your processed and fast foods, restaurants. Even if they taste good, they are not giving your body the fuel that it needs to run at peak performance.
  • Read the chapters in my book on cosmetics, over the counter drugs, kitchen pots and pans, and utensils, food storage, cleaning supplies. There are 100s of chemicals to purge from your life and eliminating these toxins are steps towards good health.

More tips:

  • When cooking at home, I can take any recipe and make it healthy. I play “Use this, not that”.  It has made me a very inventive cook, and my food is unusually delicious, but delicious none-the-less.  ( I eat around 18 sensitivities, but anyone can play this game for a healthier menu)
  • We eat off sandwich plates in my home. It controls the amount of food on our plate.

I don’t know about you, but I was brought up that there were children starving somewhere in the world (mine were in Europe) and that I had to eat everything on my plate.  Unconsciously, I used to move my food around until it was all gone.  This is a bad habit that has stayed with me for life.  So I start off with a smaller plate….it solves a multitude of sins.

  • Chew- Your mouth is the beginning of your digestive system, and your food should be mindfully eaten and chewed before it goes to the next step.

These are guidelines that are easy to remember, and that will feed your body wonderful nutrients to be well for the rest of your life.  And you can do these things most anywhere.

Eating this way will allow your body to get into balance, and when it is in balance, it will lose the excess weight.  If you are not losing weight, increase the amount of live food you are eating, and reduce the others.  Your body will be happy and it will reward you.

More things to remember:


  • If you are out and about, prepare and think ahead. Do not get stuck somewhere where you are so hungry you make poor eating decisions to “Feed the Beast.”  You can take delicious snacks with you, whether you are away from the house for a day, or a week, preparation makes all of the difference in the world.  My upcoming “Companion Guide to It Feels Good to Feel Good” will share all of the ways I am always prepared no matter what is going on in my life.
  • If you are invited to someone else’s home, take a dish that will satisfy you, and bring enough that others could also enjoy Make sure your hostess knows that you are eating “super healthy” so that she isn’t surprised when you don’t enjoy her cooking.  You are going there to enjoy their company.
  • I have given cookbooks with fabulous recipes to my family and close friends so that they know how to cook for me. I don’t ask them necessarily to accommodate me, but they want me to be healthy and happy, and the cookbooks help them support me.
  • If we are planning to go to a restaurant, I do research ahead of time and call the chef to find out what he can feed me. Restaurants are amazingly accommodating.  Don’t be shy, ask.  In the worst case scenario, I eat raw and cooked vegetables as my meal while the others eat their meals off the menu.
  • I have printed up business card size cards with all of the ingredients that I want to avoid. Many of these are my sensitivities.  Some are oils that I want to avoid.  This way I can hand the card to the waiter for him to make sure that the kitchen prepares my food correctly.  I have had many restaurants comment that my card is “brilliant” and makes life much easier for them.

As I said in my book, I have learned that community has nothing to do with what I put into my mouth.  Spending time with loved ones, and beloved friends and family feeds my soul.

If I am caught out and didn’t plan ahead, I either swing by a Whole Foods and do the salad bar or buy Applegate cold cuts and a head of lettuce and a tomato and I make sandwich rolls.  It’s way yummier than fast food and so much better for me.  I can direct you to Whole Foods stores in many of the major cities in America where I used to travel on business.

People constantly ask my hubby and me how we live being so deprived.

We are hardly deprived.

We eat lots of very yummy healthy food.  We treat ourselves very well.  We are both “foodies.”  I will admit in the beginning I missed many of the old foods that I was eating.  Now I can’t believe I used to eat those foods, let alone enjoy them.

Our new way of eating is something that makes my body wants to celebrate.

So, what if you do all of the above faithfully and you still don’t drop the weight? 

This is possible, but eating from any of the NY Times Best Seller Weight loss Books isn’t going to get the weight to drop either.  Now you need a great functional doctor to dig down and discover what your imbalances are.  Mine are heavy toxic metals, mold, pesticides, and herbicides etc.  So although my hubby has lost 70 pounds eating this way, and I have lost 45, I am still a work in progress.  The good news is I am getting healthier each step of the way.

There are other contributors to weight that have nothing to do with food. 

  • You must move your body. You need to do strength training, you need to do aerobic and you need to work on your flexibility.
  • You must find a way to relieve stress. This is HUGE.
  • You need to kill the ANTs. (anxious negative thoughts)
  • You MUST get 7 hours of sleep a night.
  • And you must have healthy relationships in your life.

Add it all together and what to you get?

A happy body that “Feels Good to Feel Good”



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