Experience the Energy and Beauty of Sedona

This is an article that I published on the Wellness Universe blog back in 2019.  I live part time in Sedona and wanted to share what I love most about spending time here.

My Favorite Parts of Sedona, Arizona:

3 years ago, my husband and I bought a second home in Sedona, Arizona. We love it there, and it feeds our soul every time we go. We started visiting Sedona on our first wedding anniversary 6 years ago. This is Red Rock country, and it is unlike any other.

Sedona is astonishingly beautiful and has many personalities, depending upon the weather and the way that the light hits these phenomenal rock formations. When it rains, the iron content of the rocks becomes a deeper red. We were just there when there was snow intermittently on the higher rocks. Sometimes the sun will be on one and not on the one right next to it, making the one glisten in splendor. Just the ½-hour drive alone, from Oak Creek village into town where our home is, takes my breath away.

And then there are the stars. Sedona has strict rules about lighting at night because the skies are ablaze with stars. Being a city girl from Los Angeles, the night skies are one of the marvelous splendors of the area. The town also has strict rules about home colors, keeping them all within a natural color palate so that manmade buildings blend with the glory of the rocks. Even McDonald’s has a turquoise arch.

One of the best things about Sedona, Arizona is the energy.

Sedona is known as a land of energy vortexes, which are areas where energy rises from the earth.

Energy vortexes are areas for meditation, contemplation or to connect with our spiritual side. In most cases, I feel an extreme sense of calm when I am at a vortex. There are male vortex spots and female vortex areas and then balanced vortexes and all of them have noticeable energy to most people. There are many vortexes in the Sedona area, below are my favorites.

Female Vortexes:

Female vortexes are nurturing, soft and welcoming. They are magnetic vortexes and are thought of as “yin.” Cathedral Rock is considered an area of female vortex energy. My favorite female vortex is in the Slide Rock State Park north of Sedona on Highway 89A. The creek meanders below while people meditate above the creek. A female vortex is a place to meditate and practice gratitude and to release your past to the universe. Female energy is counterclockwise, and even the bushes and the tree trunks twist in a counterclockwise direction.

Male Vortexes:

Male vortexes are clockwise vortexes and are areas where it is believed that you can connect spiritually to manifest your future. These are “yang” vortexes and considered to be electrical. Even the plants and trees are impacted by the energy in these spots as their trunks twist in the direction of the energy which is clockwise. My favorite male vortex area is a Buddhist meditation spot Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park with tons of prayer flags tied in the trees.

Balanced Vortexes:

Balanced vortexes are simply a mix of electrical and magnetic energy, both yin and yang. Airport Mesa is one of the best-known balanced Sedona spiritual vortexes. Go to the Airport to see things from a broader perspective and to gain clarity for your life. You will also get a spectacular panoramic view of the Sedona area from the Airport Mesa.

Bell Rock is thought to have all three types of vortexes, and possibly even energy that reaches up to the cosmos.

There are some in Sedona that believe that you can also connect with extraterrestrials at these spots, and many a local will be happy to share when they have seen UFOs. Whether these areas are a portal for celestial and terrestrial spirits, or just an area of concentrated energy to bring peace and serenity, this energy does seem to impact everyone who is near to the spots.

It is possible to take a vortex tour in Sedona, or you can canoe, hot balloon, hike, swim, climb, bike, and so much more while in the area.

If you continue North on highway 89A, you are traveling through Oak Creek Canyon that leads to Flagstaff. This is also a marvelous scenic drive, with waterfalls and canyons, and many areas to stop and hike.

In the Sedona Village, you can take a Trolley or Pink Jeep Tour which will give you a great overview of some of the most popular areas. South of Sedona on Highway 179, the first stop is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a Catholic Church marvel built right into the red rocks in the late 1950s. Then you’ll head towards Montezuma Castle. Stop at the Ranger station on your drive South to experience wonderful displays of animals and flora in the area.

Montezuma’s Castle is where ancient Indians built homes high up on the face of the red rocks. They had ladders that they pulled up once inside so that they were protected. Although it appears to be a single family dwelling, 30-50 people could live in this structure as the dwelling goes deep into the mountain. This is a great place for your children to become Junior Rangers, and there are marvelous displays that explain how the tribe lived. The tribe mysteriously disappeared around 1400.

My Favorite Restaurants in Sedona:

There are 4 Dahl Restaurants in the Sedona area, and 2 new restaurants being added in the Oak Creek area in spring of 2019. These restaurants all have a farm to table vegetables, pastured meats, and have delicious food. From Latin flavor to Italian, to a moderately priced pizza parlor, there’s something for every palate. One of the new restaurants is a gourmet burger restaurant in the Oak Creek area. Mariposa, the Latin restaurant has one of the best views in the area.

  • Cucina Rustica – 7000 State Route 179 126a (928) 284-3010.
  • Mariposa – 700 W State Route 89A (928) 862-4444.
  • There is an organic pizza parlor called Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen – 1855 W State Route 89A (928) 282-4140.
  • The best vegan restaurant in town is The ChocolaTree – 1595 W State Route 89A (928) 282-2997.
  • And there is a healthy Mexican restaurant we love called Tamaliza 1155 W State Route 89A (928) 202-9056.


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