Watermelon, eat the rind and the seeds for huge nutritional advantages

As I continue my series to tease you about my upcoming course, Food Quality Matters, How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck Buying Organic, I want to continue to address skins, rinds and the amazing health benefits that most of us waste and throw away. My class will be introduced before the end of April, and it loaded with remarkable information to make buying organic good for your budget as well as your body, and to help you discover why it’s important.

Today, I want to discuss watermelon rinds.

You need to eat them.

Not the dark green part, the white part right underneath.
Never occurred to me, but once again, you are throwing away some of the best gifts that watermelon has to offer to you if you throw away the rind.
Not only that but stop wasting the watermelon seeds. Roast them and eat them. They are also powerhouses for nutrition. Wash and dry them, shake them in butter or ghee, add sea salt and seasoning (I use organic garlic powder and onion powder on everything) and then roast them in your oven. They make a very nutritious treat.

Now back to the rinds.

The fruit is especially high in citrulline content. Citrulline is an amino acid that gets transformed into the essential amino acid arginine in your body.
What’s important is that they play a role in the production of nitric oxide in your body.
Nitric oxide has been showing up a lot in my reading suddenly. I can help raise mood and is an excellent addition to your diet to ward off depression.
And it is super heart healthy, lowers blood pressure, dilates, and relaxes blood vessels. If you are deficient in NO, erectile dysfunction (ED), cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s, infertility, cardiovascular disease, and even sleep disorders have all been linked to your low NO production.
If you are taking heart medication, double check for interactions. Also check that interaction if you are taking Viagra or a similar drug.

I recently got a newsletter from Dhru Prohit, Dr. Mark Hyman’s podcast partner. He wanted us to be aware that the latest findings are that we make the majority of nitric acid in our nose, yep, so taking time to consciously breathe is important, and has great benefits as well. But eating the white inner peel of watermelon also helps because it is the highest concentration in the plant world. It is also found in smaller amounts in the meat of the watermelon.

How else to enjoy the benefits of watermelon rind? You can gnaw on the rind, pickle it, make it into a slaw that is a little sweeter than a cabbage slaw (I will try this next time I buy a watermelon; I understand it is amazing.) You can even make jam with it. Also consider making salsa out of it- Cinco De Mayo is coming. *smile*.

Or chop it up and use it in stir fry.

Watermelon is 92% water and one of its greatest gifts when we eat it, which is usually during the summer, is that it helps us stay hydrated. It’s loaded with vitamins.

In my class., in one module, I talk about how to buy the best fruits and vegetables. For watermelon, how to store it, how quickly you need to eat it to get all the benefits it offers to your body, whether or not it is a dirty fruit, how to clean it, and I discuss the phytonutrients that it has which are also great for your body.

Remember, we eat to live, not live to eat, but there is no reason that they can’t go hand in hand.


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