What are the rewards of eating the rainbow?

If you are thinking of adopting healthier eating habits, let me fill you in on what will motivate you once you begin.
I have now run my Ditch the SAD (standard American diet) and stop eating CRAP (carbonated, refined, artificial, processed) class 7 times. Its really hard for everyone in the beginning. Breaking the addiction to processed food, sugar and chemicals is not fun.
But it actually doesn’t take that long. The class is 5 sessions and lasts 4 weeks. Once people get over the hump and food no longer controls them, and they begin eating the rainbow, they start to feel better pretty quickly. And once that comes into play, it becomes easier to eat real food and experience what all those wonderful phytonutrients and essential vitamins and minerals are contributing to their body.
It becomes easier when they start to feel good. This happens over the course of the class. If they stay with it for 6 months, then they begin to selfishly protect feeling that good. They are no longer willing to give it up and a sustainable new eating regimen is created.
If they slip back into old habits before they become solidified, then the next time I offer the class, they get to join me again for free. They offer solutions to the new people in the class while getting a stronger foothold on their own with the importance of eating real food, and finding ways to make it work.
This is one reason why I encourage everyone to have a conversation every morning in the mirror and to ask their body How Do I Feel? every morning, so that your body can vote. I am convinced that most people are running around feeling lousy (i was before I got sick) and they aren’t even aware.

What does eating like I advocate do for you?

More energy
Clearer minds
Happier moods
Less aches and pains
Eventually less medications
Better digestion
less acid reflux,
lower blood sugar
better skin and hair
Slower aging (yep, sugar directly impacts our telemeres and shortens them, so reducing sugar significantly has this amazing benefit)
You learn how to reduce your stress and food is a huge stressor
You improve your sleep
You are actually rested when you get up in the morning, ( your fatigue is gone. you are rested when you get up.)
You look in the mirror in the morning and, Hay, you look pretty. Your puffiness is gone.
Your inflammation is significantly reduced.
Your joints and your muscles don’t hurt any more.
You no longer have confetti in your brain. Your confusion is gone.
You are enjoying being with your family and friends again, and they are happy to have you be there.
You are supported, and don’t need to hide.
You are no longer frustrated because you are implementing the path forward.
You have hope again
You are no longer missing out on life because you feel GREAT.
You feel good about yourself. You are taking care of you and you are worth it.
This does not all happen because you clean up your food. But it is one of the most important pillars for health. From here you now are motivated to do the other things that promote health in your body.
You start to move and do exercise.
You begin to search out toxins in your life that are interrupting your health and your families health.
You get into nature more often.
You practice gratitude because you ARE so grateful that you feel this great. (and gratitude allows you to pull in more great things in your life.)
You spend time being mindful, which allows an entire new creativity to erupt from your consciousness.
Your relationships improve, whether they be family, hubby, children, co-workers, bosses, employees, customers, friends because your moods are more steady and your brain is working the way it was intended.
You are happy.
In other words, adopting healthier habits is so so worth it. It dramatically improves your life, your physical health, everything.
I want to inspire you to take the first steps. I will be teaching my ditch the diet class again soon, and you might want to consider joining me. Its a game changer.
And I am working on a new series of classes on Food Quality Matters, which I am going to roll out in several segments. If you are enjoying reading my rainbow file recipes, you will get complete information on the food that you are now eating to feel great, and how to get the most you can from them.
For now, stop eating chemicals and grey food. Eat the Rainbow and eat it organic.
Start finding easy ways to incorporate real food into your life.
You are so worth it. Start today.

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