12 Steps to Healthy eating

12 steps to healthy eating
1.  Avoid all GMOs
Genetically Modified foods have been modified to resist insects, fungus’s and mold.  They have insecticides, fungicides and herbicides built right into them.  If they kill the outside bugs, including beloved bees, which we need to pollinate our crops, they also kill the good bugs in our guts. Why would you want to eat insecticides or herbicides?  Avoid them at all costs.  Studies are just starting to come in with horrifying results.
2.    Cook your own real food
You can control what you put into your body by cooking your own food.  Food should not only be delicious, but it should also feed your body all of the micro-nutrients that it needs. Avoid processed foods, or anything on a label that you can’t pronounce.  There is little or no nutrient value to chemicals. They do harm to the body. Stay away!
3.  If it is on the “Dirty Dozen” list, absolutely buy organic
These foods have dozens of toxins on them.  You can’t wash them off.  Avoid them.
If the item is on the Clean 15, not to worry, buy conventional.  Buy organic whenever possible.

Thank you EWG for all of the research.
4. Detox off the sugar
This is a biggy, and will cause a bit of a withdraw.  But the good news is it only takes 2-4 weeks.  Sugar lights up the same part of the brain as cocaine.  Its an addiction.  Since it has no food value, your body can’t tell when you have eaten it.  You are still hungry and you want more.  It is destroying your body,  Get off all of the fructose, cane sugar, corn syrup, agave, in your diet.  That includes the “fake sugars” too.   ( the blue, pink or yellow packets)  They are chemicals doing harm to your body.  Replace them with Stevia, small amounts of raw honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar.  Still gives you a sugar high, but also gives your body some needed nutrients.
5.  Eat the rainbow. 
Each color of a veggie contains important nutrients for life.  Buy local if possible.  The faster farm to table, the more nutrients to fuel your body.
6.  Drink lots of water, with a little lemon juice in it. 
The rule is 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  At least drink 60-70 ounces a day to hydrate your body.  The lemon is to make it alkaline in your body.
7.  Avoid Gluten, whether you are sensitive to it or not
It causes leaky gut; it causes inflammation; it has few nutrients;  it slows absorption of the nutrients you eat; it makes you fat; it makes some people very sick.
8.  If you do eat meat, make it clean meat:  Pastured, 100% grass fed, no antibiotics or hormones.  If Vegan or vegetarian, avoid veggie junk food; make sure to include plant based protein.  Soy must be organic.
9.  Never use conventional salt.  Use sea salt, Celtic salt, Kosher salt, Himalayan salt, They provide well needed minerals.
10.  Cook with organic garlic, onion and fresh herbs as much as possible.
11. Stop using toxic tools. 

No cooking on coated cookware, No using cheap black spatulas or spoons, eliminate plastic wraps and aluminum foil.  Cook on enamel or stainless steel, use metal utensils, use parchment paper.
12.  Store food in glass containers to avoid toxins trickling into your food.

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