How to eat for your future health, your families health and for the health of the climate

From Mark Hymen’s Favorite Thing Newsletter this morning:

“Adding color to your plate may lower risk of cognitive decline”

Dr. Hyman is a Functional MD and a leader in Functional Medicine. 14 time best seller of books on the Functional Approach.
“Another great example of the power of real food as medicine. This study looked at more than 77,000 people over 20 years and found that those who ate half a serving per day of foods high in flavonoids, like strawberries and peppers, had 20% less risk of cognitive decline. If just half a serving of flavonoid-rich foods had this much of an impact, imagine how beneficial eating a colorful, plant-heavy diet every single day can be! Green tea, blueberries, pecans, kale, and cacao are some of my favorite sources of flavonoids.”
My comment
You all know that I literally “preach” about eating the rainbow, from a farm as close to you are possible, and to eat them as close to farm to table as possible. Eat all the colors and eat variety of each color.
Mostly I am basing my information on Deanna Minich, PhD, functional nutritionist, whose books are brilliant, Ocean Robbins, who had a fabulous article when I was first starting to heal from my own autoimmune disease, and Jonny Bowden, functional nutritionalist, and on occasion a post from Dr. Hyman.
More an more is becoming known that intuitively this mattered. I adopted it, and lost my pain and returned to relative health.

If you haven’t adopted this, then please do. Keeping our cognizance isn’t going to be a pill that helps us. Raising health children with brain power is crucial for our future. Climate dictates the importance of this. We have to keep the variety and diversity of our plant foods on our farms and in our bodies. Its one of the major keys to our future.


Factory farming, the SAD diet and eating CRAP have got to go. We are killing ourselves. Suicide by food.

What are you going to do this weekend to get this principle in place. Learn to eat for your future health, and start today.

If you can go to a farmers market, do.
If you can’t or they aren’t seasonal in your area, find a COOP or a CSA box to subscribe to.
Still can’t find that? Buy from Misfits Market or from Imperfect Foods.

Still not available, then buy the dirty veggies from the Dirty Dozen at your grocer and buy organic frozen food for power packed nutrients.


Eat plant food.70% of your plate should be plant food. Eat quality protein, either animals who have been humanly treated and eat their own species specific diet, grass fed grass finished beef, or bison, pastured chicken and chicken eggs. Lamb. Heirloom pastured pork. Use quality omega 3 oils….your cells and your brain need them. These dietary changes will dictate the future of your health in the years to come.
There is more
Sleep 7+ hours of continuous sleep.
Break up your day at least twice a day with stress releasing exercises,

Drink at least 6 glasses of filtered water, preferably with lemon.
Get out into nature.
And you will have a much better future and your kids will have a better future than the majority of Americans.
Where are you going to get YOUR food this weekend?

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