What is it you truly want in 2023? Commit to it and then go create it.

I want to address the elephant in the room.
I have been encouraging you all to change your diet and to eat the rainbow, and we have talked about how what you feed your body is self-love if you are making the commitment to feed it the rainbow.
But there must be a commitment, a mind set shift. There is no TRY. Try is an excuse to not do it, and I want you to think about this. You either want it enough to get the result, or you don’t. Just do it.
Make up your mind that 2023 is going to be different. You are going to figure out how to eat different. You are going to feed your body health, or you aren’t. And if you don’t change, nothing changes. You health won’t change, and your life won’t change in 2023.
What ever you decide your word for 2023 is, go all in. All or nothing. Commit to it. Let nothing stop you to get the result that you are aiming for.
Once you commit, and you really truly commit, that’s when the magic happens. Don’t “TRY”, do it. Don’t do your “BEST” what ever that means. If you think you are doing your best, but you don’t get the result, it wasn’t actually your best, was it?
What the heck does this mean?  If you didn’t get the result, you didn’t give it your best after all, did you?
Either do it or not.
There is No TRY.  Try is an excuse to let you off the hook.  If you want it, don’t try, do it.
Commit, Your future you deserves you to make the changes that you know you want to make. What in the world is holding you back?
Only you. Change your mind, change your life. Commit and the universe will support you, whatever you have been pining for. Set your goal, and then go for it. Love yourself enough to make it happen.

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