This is my year of self-love. Join me and create all the magic that you want in your life. Health, success, happiness.

Its a new year, which I am naming the Year of Love, and it starts with self-love, and self-love will be my theme this year. All good things in our lives begin with how we love ourselves.
Part of health is taking care of ourselves so that we CAN take care of others. So that our vibration makes the world a better place, and so that everyone we touch can feel our love, first for ourselves and then for humanity.
Kindness is good for all parts of our body. Our minds and bodies have positive chemical reactions when we show kindness, and when others show kindness to us. I am not just saying this, there is actually evidence from studies that proves this.
Gratitude is so good for our bodies, and again, it releases positive hormones that not only manifest our future, but encourage health within our bodies and our soul. And gratitude sets our attitude for the day. What we put out to the universe comes back to us. It sets us up to be happy from the inside out by recognizing just how lucky we are. We pull more magic in.
Releasing stress and regularly doing breathing exercises, or using the belly button wand is so positive for our health. Keeping our stress below toxic is important for inflammation and also for a healthy gut. Stress impacts every organ of our body and impacts all body functions. We all have stress, but releasing it every day and keeping it under control is crucial for our health. Stress is one of the things that creates inflammation in our bodies, and inflammation = dis-ease.
Self-love creates balance in our body, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Balance is health.
Community is #1 for health. Surrounding yourself with like minded friends and associates promotes healthier habits and a healthier body. A healthy community also creates a support system for us to live in harmony.
And LOVE is the foundation to health. In every way. If we love ourselves we get out of our own way to manifest the magic that we are looking for. Only from loving ourselves do we find the right partner to love us back and the right friends to love us back and support us.
Self-love shows all the others in our lives the way for how to love us. We show others the way and the right ones, the ones we want in our community are attracted to our light. We beam out the respect we give and that we deserve when we love ourselves. Self-love is the key to finding the magic in life. When we love ourselves, we change and everything we do changes and takes care of us.
Self-love is never about power. We don’t tell anyone else how to live, we just set up non-negotiable on how we intend to live our lives, and others therefore respect it.
When we love ourselves, we buy quality food, we are willing to cook without thinking about what a bother, we bring joy to our bodies by buying multi-color food and we are grateful for its gifts. We eat for our health and we rejoice in how great it makes us feel. We drink adequate water, and we filter it so that all the chemicals are gone, we clean up the toxins in our lives because we respect our body as our temple. We ensure that we get enough sleep so that we feel our best.
And I haven’t talked about our spirituality, our connection with a greater power, whatever we call it. Through self-love we connect to the power and the universe supports who we are and what we are here to accomplish. Committing to love pulls in more light and the angels pull out all the stops to help us touch others lives and to accomplish our mission, our purpose to be here.
Connection to a greater power helps us acknowledge nature and its wonder. Respecting the earth and all the creatures in it, returns love to us and soothes our soul.
What a magical place this earth is, in all its beauty and all its wonder. How lucky we are to surrounded by such beauty and by acknowledging it, how much abundance returns to us.
The magic of Vitamin N- Nature. Nature emits chemicals that make us healthier just by getting into it. These chemicals are not there FOR us, but for the plants themselves but ends up they are amazing gifts for us. Real food also is loaded with 100,000 phytochemicals created for the plants themselves, but if we eat them and learn to harness their power, they are so marvelous for our health. Nature is health.
Self-love changes our vibration. Color is energy. And eating color and acknowledging color in all aspects of our lives raises our vibration and leads us to harmony.
This is the year to commit to love and to harness and create all the magic available to you. Here’s to an amazing 2023.
There will be others who are not at our vibration. Don’t let them get in your way any more than you are going to let you get in your way this year. Beam light out to them, and leave them be, and keep going towards your mission to make your life everything it can be and to spread love wherever you go. Whether they join you or not makes no difference. You are love and nothing is going to get in your way. Show them the way by example, they will follow when they are ready.
Lets all go out and tap into the magic. We have had the power all along. Happy New Year.

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