DIVERSITY-Eat all the colors, eat a variety of colors of each veggie and fruit, eat them close together for the fabulous synergy they create in your body.

Eat the entire rainbow of fruits and vegetables, because diversity is important. Recently it has been discovered that there are 25000 phytonutrients in fruits and veggies. But that does not mean that every red item has the same phytonutrients as its neighbor. A red radish has different gifts from a red raspberry. (They are healthy, but different)  And when a vegetable comes in many colors, eat them all,.  They each add to the healthy mix of phytonutrients in your body as well.


The color is an indication of what the chemical make-up of the plant is, but each color’s gifts vary amongst themselves. The color is there to protect the plant, but nature is so wondrous, it also has amazing gifts for us.


For the plant, the phytonutrients protect them from insect attacks, fungi, and even radiation from UV rays.

For the human body (and animals) scientists are learning that they enhance immunity and intercellular communication, repair DNA damage from exposure to toxins, detoxify carcinogens and can even alter estrogen metabolism. The USDA notes that they appear to be an effective way to reduce cancer and heart disease. They are certainly great for the liver and help keep it healthy. The health of your liver impacts all your other organs.


The depth of color indicates that the plant item is also rich in flavor. But don’t forget the white family, because garlic, onions, and other white foods are loaded with compounds that are prebiotics and feed our good gut bacteria, and they have other health saving chemicals that are great for our bodies.


It is the phytonutrients in plants that are the “medicine” that the plant gifts to us from natures “Farmacy”.


You won’t get bored buying and cooking real food in all the different colors.

  • Look at what is available seasonally. Those are the richest in phytochemicals at that moment. If the item is in season, you have PRIME nutrients.
  • Buy as close to the farm as possible. As soon as that plant is picked, it begins to lose some of its magic. You ideally want to eat plants that were just picked and then land on your plate and into your belly. If the plant has traveled from Chile, he still has benefits, but they are reduced as he has traveled thousands of miles to make it to your grocery store shelves.
  • Buy many items in each color family. Diversity is important for your gut bacteria and for your body.
  • And still eat things close together from all the different color families, because together they create health in your body.

The more colors you eat, the more anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and healing compounds you are putting into your body. Your gut, your liver, and your brain are all happy, and you can feel those colors dancing for joy in your body.


Who wants the SAD diet of chemicals and sugar (where you get your color from fruit loops and processed, refined, artificial chemicals) when you can have these lush, beautiful phytonutrients with gifts that are so good for you? And even better, looking at all those colors is a feast for the mind.


For more information and references read

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Deanna Minich, PhD, Functional Nutritionist and Color Enthusiast, she teaches color at the Functional Institute of Medicine and lectures world wide.


Mark Hymen, MD  Head of the Functional Medicine Clinic at Cleveland Hospital and author of 15 international best sellers on Health



Blanch Sharaf, Functional Nutritionist and transcriber of all of the remarkable information in The Fatty Liver Docu Class 

Researcher and writer about health for 30 years.  She is amazing.  I learn a lot from her.

Dr Jonny Bowden PhD, Functional Nutritionist

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