Testimonials from My Ditch the SAD(Standard American Diet) and Stop Eating CRAP(Carbonated, Refined, Artifical, Processed) Class


New unsolicited testimonial from a client who has read my books and taken both of my classes

After Joanie took the class and I continued to coach her, she emailed me this-

“As I try things, I trust Cheryl more and more.  And I find my body changing.  The biggest thing is my arthritis is better!!!!!  I walk better.  But I am not fast.  (Falling didn’t do me any good.)  And my gut is better.  I know what to eat and what NOT to eat.  And yes, I know if I am going to cheat, I will pay for it.  Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know these simple things.  They just want you to buy drugs and make them rich.

I am telling you, eating organic is the best thing you have taught me.  The weight does not fluctuate so much.  And when I remember to be Gluten Free, I lose weight easily.

I also love, love, love the belly button wand.  I use it before bed and am sleeping better than I have in years.”Joanie

Another new client that took my Ditch the SAD class wrote:

“I wanted to share my experience working with Cheryl Meyer as my health coach.

I came across Cheryl’s book through my sister. As many people we are all busy working and “doing life”. Both my sister and I have been sick for years and it has taken a toll on our health.

I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in both my knees where I will eventually need surgery. Working with Cheryl and her amazing wisdom and fun nature both myself and my sister have begun to turn the corner on our health.

Also, I also decided to ask a friend to join me from my swim class. We took Cheryl’s SAD class end of August into September. What was also a great gift is that she made time for us even though we couldn’t make her original class. She cared enough to spend the time, which meant the world to us.

For me, I was not sure who to trust and which person I should work with, since there seem to be so many people now sharing their insight. She gave us so much information in the 4 classes we spent with her.

Now 2 months later I am continuing to work hard to apply the knowledge and insight into eating healthier and shopping at places that she has recommended. I buy products that she has inspired me to buy and have put into practice many of her ideas.

Yes, it is overwhelming, but inspiring to know that I am on a path. I do feel better and beginning to lose some weight. I have way more to go. I so love her fun nature, knowledge of how-to de-stress and overall care and concern for others. I have purchased the belly button wand and try to breathe more. I hear her in my head daily when I am at school to breathe, stop, relax a moment (could be a good thing, could be a bad thing). I look it as a good thing!!!!

I plan on continuing to eat my way to a healthier life and implementing her ideas for an overall healthier and happier life! I have so much more I want to accomplish in my retirement years and this way I feel that I can do that!!!

I so look forward to years of friendship and spending time in person with Cheryl someday. We all need an advocate on our side, and I have found that with Cheryl. Thank you so much for coming into my life!!!

I so look forward to years of friendship and spending time in person with Cheryl someday. We all need an advocate on our side and I have found that with Cheryl. Thank you so much for coming into my life!!!”



Unsolicited from my client Emily some time after attending my class:


And a recent Facebook post from my first beta client on my program:


The testimonials from Marci’s sister, Kathi:


Previous Testimonials from clients who took my class (s)

This is just in.  A woman who took my class changed what she was cooking and feeding herself and her husband.  I just received this testimonial unsolicited-

This was posted by Amanda Tullos on Facebook July  30, 2021.  She was in my June 21 cLASS


Amanda just called me to share that her A-1 C is now 5.4.  She is in normal range,  Her triglycerides have also fallen into Normal zone.  She still has a higher number than she would like with Cholesterol and is adding exercise to her regime.  I coach her for 30 minutes every other week to talk about creative ways to eat and drink  what she wants in a delicious way without all the sugar.  This has gotten her the amazing results.


Clauda Acosta Testimonial From JUNE 2021




I have lost another 20 pounds since taking your detox.  I have no interest in eating processed foods or sugar.  I would have sworn that this wouldn’t have been possible.  I feel fantastic.

For anyone who has struggled with weight over the course of their life, take Cheryl’s sugar detox class.  Its fun, you will get tons of support and for the first time in your life, you will WIN at losing weight and gaining back your health.


Dr. Suki Stone Testimonial from June 2021

You can kick sugar to the curb! It helps to have support when doing a sugar    detox to keep you motivated. That’s why I joined the Kick Sugar to the Curb class. Cheryl Meyer is an award winning Health Coach and Author who loves supporting people to clean up what they eat for a healthy body and life. Her expertise is top notch, filled with facts, fun and even healthy recipes.

Being Vegan, I still had a sweet tooth. I learned so much in this course. Cheryl Meyer teaches a huge wealth of important information, supporting you to kick sugar to the curb. During this four-week sugar detox we were fully supported with weekly Zoom calls. We learned that when you have a craving for sugar, it might actually mean your body needs something else! Then you can choose to eat something else that gives your body what it needs.


In week three of the sugar detox I noticed I no longer thought about or craved sugar! My body simply did not want it anymore. Going grocery shopping now has transformed our cart into healthy, whole, vibrant foods as we no longer buy processed junk. Fruit is our candy, and it is so healthy! We are trying new recipes, finding new food favorites, and enjoying adventures in cooking healthy.

Cheryl also taught us about the Standard American Diet (SAD) and how choosing to eat the Green Living American Diet (GLAD) which taught me that by simply choosing to eat whole, healthier foods means a healthier body and lifestyle.

I highly recommend this class if you want to kick sugar to the curb with support, lose weight in the process, and change the way you eat. It’s fantastic!



Val Peterson’s testimonial from March 2021

Val’s History  April 28,. 2021


Val and her hubby did a sugar detox with my round 1- 2 years ago.

Her children and Grandchildren were unhappy that when they came to grandma’s house, she cooked healthy, and there was a fair amount of pushback.

Her husband was very resistant in the beginning, but we traded out things to make him happy without the sugar and the chemicals.  His favorite yogurt became full fat yogurt with defrosted organic berries. He loved it.

One year later, he ended up in the hospital with sepsis.  The doctor didn’t think he would make it, but he came through with flying colors.  Their MD was impressed with how healthy they were eating.  Carl, the hubby, now understood the importance of ditching the SAD and adopting the GLAD diet.

Pretty funny Carl often picks up groceries for VAL who did the sugar detox and will NOT purchase anything that’s not organic or with sugary. If he can change his lifestyle and attitude towards food ANYONE can. He would rather be healthy! He was raised as the oldest of 6 and his mother cut orders by filling up tummies with carbs and sugar. Way more than usual. Those are very hard lifelong habits to overcome. But it becomes a healthy lifestyle. I personally feel the cleansing when I go to the garbage with food items that happen to sneak into the cupboards. Carl just laughs when he see that stuff in the garbage.

So, Val says.  we do our best

Grand kids are used to grandma not having cookies in the cookies jar lol Apples are great treat.

I will just sort of telling you my life as it is today

Thank You. It’s a work in progress.

Her children and their families have gone from being upset that Val wasn’t cooking family favorites on Sunday to adopting healthier eating now as well.  Their children and grandchildren are growing up eating fruits and veggies.  Val became the big influencer in the family without pushing it, just by being the example.  When the family went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, they ate healthy food.

The family credits me, for all of their health successes.  Val’s brother who has cancer has my books too. You can’t get him to touch sugar at all!

He will ask if there is sugar in something if he isn’t sure. His doctors are very happy with his progress

Val took my April 2021 Sugar detox to get the latest information.  She is now a big believer in the power of eating organic real food.


When you finish sugary detox sweets will not call to you like they use too (maybe not at all) It’s so worth it!  You sleep better too.”

testimonial from Dr. Suki Stone, June 2021

   Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone’s written Testimonial for the sugar detox

I am Dr. Suki Stone with sugar cravings no more. Thanks to attending Cheryl Meyer’s Sugar Detox classes, I don’t have sugar cravings anymore. That’s just after 3 days after the beginning of Cheryl’s class. Cheryl was not just an amazing teacher of nutritional information, but shared particular statistics, ingredients, and new ways of eating that changed my life. Before her class, I would reach for my favorite Oreo cookies whether or not I was hungry. Because of her information she shared, I was able to understand why I had these cravings. She spoke about her own journey in discovering her autoimmune disease and the pain she experienced. Cheryl was brilliantly researching the right reasons we have craving for sugar and sharing her information of not only how to free myself of those cravings, but start a new journey of substituting sugar for food that is more nutritious for me. I learned so much that I am now making my own cashew milk and have substituted my cream cheese with almond cream cheese. Cheryl also explained how to make traditional meals (those that add sugar, because they come from processed foods we buy) into nutritious meals with no sugar. Her class was so informative, doable, and trustworthy, I have signed up for future classes she is teaching. I have not gone on a diet rather changed my lifestyle and know my choices and the way I cook will help me live a sugar craving free life.  Contact Cheryl at cherylmhealthmuse.com

Suki Stone Followup  September 2021



I just want to brag- it’s more about what I learned from you and yoru class, but I have completely changed my eating lifestyle and have kept my 12 pounds I lost after taking your Sugar Detox Class—Best thing I did for myself!!!!- I don’t drink milk, but I do put it in eggs for my omelette.  NOW, of course, after Cheryl’s class, I make my own Cashew milk with 1 cup of cashews  and 4 cups of my Kagen water in my VitaMix.  After 3 days of your class, dear,dear lady, I lost my sugar cravings.  3 days!  And they have not come back.  To get my sweet tooth fix I munch on a little bit of Theo organic chocolate!!!another suggestion from my new sister, Cheryl.  Blessings forever girl!!-You are the present I have given myself.!!! I lost the weight I wanted to lose and best of all I feel great.  No More CRAP.


June Testimonials


Janette Stuart


Thank you so much for your class.  It really helped me Kick Sugar to the Curb.  This is my testimonial:

I wanted to detox from sugar for my health since I am a pancreatic cancer survivor.  Cheryl’s “Kick Sugar to the Curb” detox was just what I needed.  She made it so easy.  She set us up for success by weekly sessions, and lots of information in the group to help us thrive.  Its a no judgement zone.  She is so supportive and knowledgeable.  She has tons of yummy recipes including treats.  Its not about deprivation, but about healthy choices, and fueling your body with nutrients.  It only took a short time before my sugar cravings were gone.  I feel fabulous and so energized.  If I can do it, you can do it too, and you’ll be so happy you kicked sugar to the curb.



Joan Meeks

Completed a one month Sugar Detox class with Cheryl.  AWESOME, FABULOUS, and thelist of positive words continues.  Cheryl is very knowledgeable about healthy eating, effects on both the physical and mental sides of eating  healthy.  Highly recommend Cheryl as an expert, author, speaker, motivator and friend.  Read her books, watch her podcasts, and take her classes your body will thank you for it.





Diana P- Anaheim CA


Every Day I was getting sicker and sicker, I was over weight, had irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc.  I could not sleep because I felt like I was going to die in my sleep.  The foods I could eat were getting fewer and fewer.  I then took Cheryl’s course, I found that it was NOT a diet, but a living lesson on how to GET to get healthy.  In a few weeks, not only did I lose 11 lbs, but inches where I needed it most!  I now sleep every night very peacefully and LOVE LIFE.  I am enjoying eating a lot of different foods I could not eat before and I feel 20 years younger.  My blood tests results have also amazed me.  I am SO grateful for all that I have learned and look forward to continue to practice it all.  Most importantly, I would NOT have been able to do it without Cheryl’s coaching.  This has proven to be the most valuable physical training I have ever received.




Wendy Vaughn

Cheryl Meyer helped me to change my old eating habits by showing me healthier choices to purchase for a healthier body, mind and soul.  She pointed out, for example, how past food ingredients created sugar cravings that made me want to reach for more.

Spending a few weeks with Cheryl will help you feel better and calmer about yourself inside and out.

You will be so amazed at the knowledge she shares to help you live a conscious, healthier lifestyle.




I joined this course thinking I would know most of what Cheryl would be teaching.
                     BOY WAS I WRONG
This course is much more than learning how to detox from sugar .
I learned how certain fruits and vegetables play a vital role in our health.
I can state first hand that once I started paying attention to what I was eating I felt better.
My acid reflux /gerd went away and I’m sleeping much better.
I’m no longer a skeptic about the merits of eating organic once Cheryl explained the negative elements going into our bodies that are used in many farms.
As someone who doesn’t cook I have started trying some of Cheryl’s delicious recipes. They are delicious, easy to prepare and most importantly healthy.
This is the first time that I have detoxed from sugar and truly don’t have any urges to go eat an Entenmann’s crumb cake.
I would recommend everyone one to sign up for this course in January. The information received is priceless.
Thank you Cheryl for sharing your knowledge to help us all stay healthy.

Testimonial from Sharon Takamoto Hasagawa


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