My flyer inviting you to join me in my new class Food Quality Matters, Get the most for your organic buck

I am a health coach. How can I help you? Remember, you can’t be great if you don’t feel great!
9 years ago I woke up in extreme pain. Ends up I had autoimmune disease. I made huge lifestyle changes, started eating organic, eliminated toxins everywhere in my life, found a functional MD and today, although I still have autoimmune disease, I am PAIN FREE.
I went back to school to become a health coach so that I could share my new found knowledge with everyone. I found my mission.
If you would like to learn why organic is so important and beyond that how to afford to buy organic beyond the obvious health benefits come join me on May 24 for my new class on everything you ever wanted to know about organic food, why its important, where to buy it and get the best price, how to choose the most yummy fruit and veggie, how to store and prepare it once you get home, how to not waste any valuable part of it.
You will learn things in this class that you won’t find anywhere else. Researching for this class has changed how I respect my food and get the most from it.
Join me. We will have fun and you will be boggled with how much your learn.
Replays, handouts, private Facebook group, Sunday office hours for questions. When you take a class from me, I want you to win! Come join me.


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