How to finally win with food and take back your Food Freedom Part 2 of how Big Food Hooked you on Chemicals

In this video, I talk about our hunger hormones, Leptin, Gherlin and Lac-Phen.

They are being studied by scientists, not to get us to eat the rainbow and to Stop Eating the SAD, but they want to harness them to make a Pharmaceutical. You don’t need the pill (And they haven’t made it yet anyway, but trust me its coming). Why would you want to take a pill with whatever its side affects are when ditching the SAD and eating real food of all the colors solves the problem?
You can find my first video in this series by scrolling down, or by going to my blog at
Please watch it, and then watch this video as well. They will open your eyes as to how Big Food is deceiving us and HOOKING us to eating fake ingredients in processed food.
This explains then, how this processed and fake food dampens our Leptin and Gherlin which are our two important appetite hormones. When these 2 hormones don’t work, we continue to eat long after we are full because our brain doesn’t get the signal to stop.
And here’s the thing, if you break the addiction to these processed and fast foods, you get food freedom back because Leptin and Gherlin work in your body again. You also get health, because eating all the organic fruits and vegetables creates health.
Please watch this, and discover that its not hard to ditch these foods, it only takes a couple of weeks,and a big enough why, and the rewards are enormous.
This is the path I share with you in my Ditch the SAD and Stop Eating CRAP class. It starts again in July 23. It will change how you eat. It so much easier to adopt healthier habits when you understand the Why Behind them. And its so much easier to eat healthy when your body is functioning correctly.
Read all about the class here.  
This class is foundational to your health. Its your first giant step back to wellness.
Every one is amazed at how much they learn. What makes my class different? I not only talk how to break the addiction to sugar, I share how to break the addiction to chemicals in processed and fast food. Clients are discovering how to win at health sometimes for the first time.
This class is not about losing weight, this class is about learning to eat for health, and the weight will take care of itself. I lost 65 pounds this way. No dieting. Eating for my future health.
Why is this important? Again, Watch my video about how BIG FOOD has hijacked our food to be completely fake. It tastes real, it looks real, it smells real, it even sound real, but it all pure chemicals and offers our body no nutrition. I just posted it in my blog
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All of my classes have replays available. A private Facebook group. And once you take it the first time, you don’t pay if you want to take it again and get a refresher.
Bottom line is, I want you to win. I want to change the way America eats.
Wouldn’t it be fabulous to Feel Great Again?

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