How Big Food Hijacked our Food and our Health





To understand the importance of my two courses, you first need to understand some hard truths about what Big Food, Big Ag, and Big Pharma are doing to our health.


Processed food and fast foods are brought to us by the same folks as those that brought us and hooked us on cigerettes.  Phillip Morris at one point owned Kraft, General Foods, Nestle,  Nabisco and even though they sold off that division, they still control 94% of the voting rights of the food Corporations.


And like with cigarettes, they don’t care about your health, they care about their profits.  Its BIG MONEY to keep you Fat and to make you sick.  Its a perfect storm.


They even bought the “diet’ food companies, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc.  Still all chemicals and fake food.


Listen to my video and then join my two classes,  Start with Ditch the SAD (Standard American Diet) and Stop Eating CRAP(Carbonated, Refined, Artificial, Processed) first.  Its the foundational course to break their control over your body and break the addiction.  It doesn’t take that long to break all the CRAPPY  foods hold on your body, and then you finally have food freedom.





And then take my Food Quality Matters class which will be a mastermind starting in September, where I show you where to buy, how to pick, how to store, what the gifts of the food are and how to get the most for your organic buck.


Your life depends upon it, literally.  73% of us are now overweight or obese.   A new study shows that 82% of us are metabolically unhealthy.  And the main researcher at the University of Utah has attributed it directly to the food we are eating.  You have the power and control to change that.


Chronic illnesses are on the rise- cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes Type II, heart disease, liver disease.


Come discover why its important to only eat food that loves you back.


My goal is to change how America EATS.  And, I am doing all this because I want you to discover, like I did, How Great it Feels to Feel Good.


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