Control your sugar intake during the holidays

Tis the season to eat more sugar than we do the rest of the year. Stay mindful of just how much sugar you ARE consuming. The average person gains 5 pounds over the holidays, and my bet is most of that is from indulging in more items with sugar.
Sugar impacts every organ in your body harshly and it is highly addictive. It is as addictive as cocaine. The more sugar you eat this season, the harder it will be to detox off of the stuff when we get to 2021. Be mindful of how much sugar you are consuming, It is dramatically impacting your health.
I am referring mostly to the sugar in processed and fast foods. If you bake, you can cut some of the sugar down and you can choose honey, maple syrup and coconut sugars that have trace elements of goodness. But even here, don’t over do. These items should be occasional treats.
These are some facts about sugar that I bet you do not know……
Your liver is crucial to detox out toxins and poisons. If you eat a lot of sugar, your liver processes slow down and sugar begins to turn to fat. A fatty liver can’t do its job and toxins begin to back up and go hide in fat. It becomes as dangerous as fatty liver from alcohol.
Triglycerides are a direct response to too much sugar in your diet. Sugar is also a major contributor to cholesterol. This makes sugar a significant contributor to heart disease.
If you think you do not have will power, most likely you have an addiction to sugar and to other chemicals from processed and fast food. Sugar turns off the hormone regulator for hunger, so your brain can no longer detect that it is not hungry and you keep eating long past the point of being full. You crave MORE.
Dementia is now referred to as Diabetes Type III, because there is a direct correlation between the sugar level in your blood and Alzheimer’s. I don’t know about you but I would like to keep my cognizance as I grow older.
When you are reading food labels,

4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon

If one serving of a product has 20 grams of sugar, and you eat 2 servings, you are eating 10 tsp of sugar. If you drink sodas, they have 40 grams of sugar in 12 oz. That’s 10 tsp of sugar. And, be careful of fruit juices, they could have the same amount or more. Read your labels.
Sugar is poison. It causes inflammation in the body and inflammation causes chronic illness. Cancer love to feed on sugar. Sugar causes leaky gut which precedes heart disease and autoimmune disease.
Sugar causes wrinkles. I just filmed a podcast about skin, beauty is an inside job and if you want to remain youthful appearing, ditch the sugar. Sugar ages us, and shortens the telomeres at the tips of our DNA. The shorter our telomeres the older our body responses are.

Just be mindful of how much sugar you actually are consuming.

If you bake, use coconut sugar instead of fructose or cane sugar, both of which are also GMO (so you are getting an unhealthy dose of BT Toxin or Roundup with your sugar.) Coconut sugar is low glycemic, so it has a less harmful impact on your blood sugar level.
Tis the season to be jolly, but also protect your body and your health.
Enjoy the season! You can have a wonderful holiday without all the sugar.

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