Is Celery the Miracle Cure for Weight?

The subject came up yesterday about celery juice in my Ditch the SAD and Stop Eating Crap course..
I do not have an issue with all of you drinking celery juice, but preferably with other veggies at the same time, because you need all the colors and the diversity of all the colors. And ideally, I don’t want you to juice it, I want you to get it with all of the fiber, so make it in your blender. The fiber will help you lose weight as your body returns to balance.
Make sure you buy celery organic.  It is a very dirty crop.
And listen to your body. Celery juice is an allergen or some people, on a plane similar to a peanut allergy.
Is this a miracle solution for weight loss? Well, no, there is no miracle solution for weight loss. And it took you how many years to get where your weight is, so how fast do you think it is going to release from your body?
This is why my focus in this class is NOT on losing weight, its on learning to consistently eat for your future health.
It will take some time for your body to come back into balance. You have to quell all of the inflammation that your old diet created in your body, you have to get your hormones back to working the way nature programed them to work.
If you consistently eat 70% fruits and veggies and buy organic, when your body returns to balance it will start to let go of the weight. This is how I lost 65 pounds without dieting. But my focus and my “why” wasn’t on weight loss at all, it was on regaining my health.
Could you drink celery juice every morning. Sure thing. Unless you are one of the folks with a celery allergy, it certainly won’t hurt you.  And organic celery has tons of health benefits for your body.  I buy the best celery at our farmers market.  Celery at the grocer lately can be kind of think, spindly and a little bitter.  At the farmers market I am still getting beautiful stalks that are yummy and taste like celery is supposed to taste.
But don’t take your attention off your ultimate goal… regain maximum health. That’s really what I am preaching. I want you to eat for your long term health.
The link above is to Jonny Bowden, PhD, a functional nutritionist, who I follow and he has tons of wisdom that my body agrees with.
Let your body be your guide, but give it enough time to return to balance and to vote intelligently.
Eat a diversity of plant food, preferably organic, eat all the colors and eat as close to the farm as you can.  Eat for nutrition and for all the benefits the rainbow diet offers to your body.

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